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A Message From ETs?

The first crop circle of 2021 has appeared in the United Kingdom countryside with a special message. A closer look at the circle reveals no mechanical damage to the crops and all plants and flowers are perfectly intact, signaling great news and synchronicity for our planet.

Dr. Horace R. Drew, a Cal Tech PhD who has spent a lifetime studying and decoding crop circles, says the UK creation represents a pinwheel and its design is one in nature that we refer to as an oxyhedron. He postulates that the crop circle is a clock of sorts, heralding the arrival of non-terrestrial star friends into our solar system. “It’s a peaceful message,” says Riss Flex. “It’s not like ETs are trying to eat us alive.” In the following video, Flex brings us more details on the crop circle, including the significance of a rare Mercury Retrograde cycle coinciding with the Gemini Constellation.


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