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On The Edge Of Trump Return

We’re on the edge of a return to power by President Donald Trump. But as Trump’s claim to the White House improves, look for bad actors to try to disrupt the country and sow dissension. That’s the word from Michael Jaco, former CIA agent, who spells out some of the danger signs.

One clear example Jaco provides: The collapse of a condo apartment complex outside Miami Beach, Florida. Jaco says this was no accident, but instead, the building pancaked and was destroyed by a directed energy weapon or DEW. These were weapons developed by the Nazis during WWII. Jaco says DEW weapons have been rarely used since, although he cites the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York City as a prime example.

If a DEW was involved, it’s a sign that bad actors intend to fight against losing their power and control. These could include foreign countries opposed to the United States, or operatives within our own intelligence agencies.

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