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Russia Will Take Down Ukraine

Former CIA agent Michael Jaco says Russia will take down Ukraine. In essence, Jaco says the White Hats will be dismantling the Deep State and its arm in Ukraine — the Khazarian Mafia. More from Nicholas Veniamin.

2023: Intuitive Predictions

Former CIA officer and Navy Seal Michael Jaco shares his intuitive predictions for 2023. He predicts:

  • Military forces around the world will become more involved in helping to clean up political chicanery and corruption.  This has already occurred in the United States, where Jaco says sanctions have already been brought against Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Will we see similar steps taken in Brazil, for instance?
  • He also sees increasing exposure through the judicial system regarding election fraud as well as the vaxx irregularities. More from Nicholas Veniamin.

Gitmo Attackers Identified

Four days ago, we brought you Michael Jaco’s report of how White Hats at Guantanamo repulsed an attack launched by Deep State forces seeking to free U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had been imprisoned at the base along the shores of Cuba.

Now, we are learning that the military on board the attack helicopters were not military at all, but officers within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who had been dispatched by Deanne Criswell, administrator at FEMA.

Michael  Baxter from Real Raw News brings these updates, disseminated across the Internet by Dobie_Tejas. Jaco’s original report said Pelosi had been hung on charges involving treason and conspiracy to commit murder. We have not independently verified these reports, so use your own judgment and discernment in drawing any conclusions whatsoever.

Truthers Face Heavy Flak

Why are attackers against truthers growing more intense? That’s an indication that many truthers are now over the target. Here, former CIA officer Michael Jaco explains the heavy flak storms.


Time To End This Horror Show

What is the Keystone Kek Key? Is it a gift that keeps giving? How about the Hammer Scorecard? It’s time to end the Horror Show! Pray! More from And We Know.

The website Real Raw News says a skirmish broke out on Christmas Day at Guantanamo Bay, pitting U.S. military aligned with the Deep State against the Marines and Navy officers who operate the base. The White Hats repelled the Deep State combatants, but as many as 50 soldiers died, some of them on board three CH-53 Sea Stallions — military transport helicopters — that attempted to strafe the base, and did kill some Marines.

The mission of the Sea Stallions? To gain release for Deep State politicians said to be incarcerated at GITMO, among them, Nancy Pelosi. A second Real Raw News report said Pelosi had not been freed, but rather had been hung a day later. She supposedly had arrived at GITMO on Dec. 1, facing charges of treason and conspiracy to commit murder.

Neither of these reports could be independently collaborated, outside of the Real Raw News accounts  written by Michael Baxter. Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco did carry a video on the alleged incident, asking, “Did the war move into the open with an attack on Gitmo on Christmas and Pelosi hung the next day?” Again, we cannot verify this happened. Our mission here: Simply to let you know: Dark rumors are definitely circulating, but it’s too soon to tell if they are true or just hokum.

Ukraine: Behind Frigid Weather

Is weather manipulation by the United States the root cause for this winter’s miserable weather? Here, former CIA officer Michael Jaco presents a cogent and believable argument for why that’s the case.

Because of the manipulation, he says, the North Pole is “burping,” bringing arctic blasts down upon the United States. At the same time, and directly as a consequence of the burping, there’s been an opposing burst of springlike weather in the Ukraine.

This mild, wet weather in the Ukraine is leaving the fields so full of slushy mud that Russia can’t mount its planned tank blitzkrieg across the landscape. So, in other words, we’re freezing our tails off to prevent a clearcut defeat in the Ukraine. Here’s the full picture from Jaco, with more news you won’t hear from the fake mainstream media.


Prepare For Massive Unrest

A big showdown is coming between the patriots and the Deep State. We could soon see some major fireworks, perhaps a fake alien invasion or some form of nuclear attack. Massive unrest will ensue, Michael Jaco says, especially in big, blue cities.

Snow across the northern Hemisphere is already at the highest levels in 56 years. Keep calm. It’s Boomtime!

Among Jaco’s observations: Look for military tribunals to happen in both the United States and Russia. Also, he says Jair Bolsonaro is huddling with the Brazilian military to overthrow the corrupt socialist government. Stay tuned tomorrow when we bring you Jaco’s interview with Juan O. Savin.

Military Exposes Election Fraud

U.S. military has been monitoring election fraud since 2018, and now is ready to spring into action to arrest the perpetrators. That’s the word from former CIA agent Michael Jaco, discussing how the Democrats have been stealing elections and the military let that happen so the perpetrators could be caught.

The military not only knows how the elections were stolen, but the exact numbers that were flipped. Jaco expects the results to be revealed in the near term. He discusses the widespread fraud, as well as a string of recent false flags, with Nicholas Veniamin. Jaco hints, for instance, that Nancy Pelosi could be down at the spa — Guantanamo Bay!

A Gay Lover’s Spat?

Was Paul Pelosi’s dustup with David DePape a case of a gay lovers’ spat? Here, former CIA operative and Secret Service agent Michael Jaco explores this possibility.

DePape has a checkered background. His daughter has accused him of abusing his three children when they were young. His former girlfriend, nudist Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, was convicted of stalking and harassing a 14-year-old boy.

Jaco also touches upon the acrimony in Arizona as Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake sees her odds of election growing. Her Democratic opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, has already threatened counties like Cochise that want to do hand counts. There have been charges that 20 to 25 percent of machine-counted ballots were inaccurate or fraudulent in the 2020 election.

Regardless of where we see surprise flareups in days ahead, Jaco advises to keep your eyes open and remain on guard against “false flag attacks.” He says, “There’s a very, very strong likelihood that something will happen.” Exactly what remains to be seen.

JustInformed Talk says there’s a lot more to the Pelosi story than what you’ve heard from the fake news. Why were both Pelosi and DePape armed with hammers? Why was DePape found wearing his underwear when police arrived? The more background you know, the easier to figure out the fundamentals of the story.

Klavan Flees Sleazy California

Conservatives keep dropping like flies, leaving behind the hellhole that has swallowed up almost all of California. Dave Rubin and Michael Jaco left over the past couple of years. This year, Adam Carolla and now Andrew Klavan have joined the exodus.

Here, Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Klavan about his new book A Strange Habit of Mind and why you shouldn’t move to California. Klavan discusses what the final straw was that caused him to say “Goodbye California.”

He touches upon how the cost of living in California is destroying the middle class, how the progressive policies of Democrats like Gavin Newsom created California’s homelessness crisis and why liberals don’t make any connection between the policies they support and the California crime wave.

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