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Communism Infiltrating U.S.

While America still grapples with a myriad of troubles from wacky 2020, the rising threat of communism across the country is real.

Communist ideology has quietly permeated the U.S., especially in the education sector, where it’s shifted from empathy and moral values to political correctness, social unrest and racial tensions. Why? Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon says the answer has been with us for years. “The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated every level of American education, from the Confucius Institutes that you see on college campuses all over the country, which are indoctrination centers from the CCP line, to the Erikson Institute, a major early childhood education center based in Chicago. And they are partnering with the CCP to bring Chinese propaganda to preschool kids.” Here’s more with China in Focus host Tiffany Meier, and guests Loudon and NTD News David Zhang.




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