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China Threatens War

An editorial in the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper threatens war over the name change of a Taiwanese embassy. China claims Taiwan as a province of the mainland, despite it being autonomous from Beijing in almost every way.

That’s why the Chinese Communist Party gets upset when countries, groups or individuals recognize Taiwan, or the Republic of China, as an independent country. In this case, a recent report in the Financial Times said the Biden Administration has considered allowing Tapei to change the name of its Washington office to include the word “Taiwan.”  The move angered the CCP to the point where it threatened to attack Taiwan and the USA. China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell brings us the details.

China Vows Counterattack

China vowed to retaliate if the U.S. continues to accuse China of leaking Covid from its lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Chinese Communist Party contests that the coronavirus came from Fort Detrick, in Maryland, and it has some sick beats to back it up.

China Uncensored’s Chis Chappell brings us the full story, plus a revelation from a research lab in Canada that Apple is helping the CCP censor what people can write on their phones in Taiwan and concern in a Michigan community of Chinese fluoride in its drinking water.

China’s Blame Game

As the Delta variant continues to intensify worldwide, the Chinese Communist Party is up to its old tricks, doubling down on its assertion that the coronavirus originated in United States. After all, they don’t want their citizens getting the crazy idea that it was their own government that created the virus.

CCP Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the Chinese state-run media in July that the U.S. should invite WHO experts to investigate Fort Detrick in Maryland and its 200-plus biolabs overseas. “Which is kind of funny,” says China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell. “That’s the same month China said it wouldn’t allow an investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but it’s calling for the U.S. to have everyone of its biolabs inspected.” Here’s the full story with Chappell.

Will China Nuke Japan?

Will China nuke Japan? That’s the loaded question after Japan said an attack by China on Taiwan would be a threat to its national security, prompting it to come to Taiwan’s defense.

In a video now circulating, China responded that any interference by Japan would result in nuclear war. China Uncensored host Chris Chappell ponders whether the video has the approval of the highest levels of government, or is this just a threat from some local Chinese Communist Party committees who aren’t thinking about the ramifications of such a threat? Tune in for more details.

Negligent Nancy’s Blunder

Minutes after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives blocked the release of Covid intel, China went on a shocking anti-origin accusation spree, once again blaming the United States.

Restricted Republic host Justus Knight says that Negligent Nancy and her minions are so blinded with hate, so focused on conservative demolition and so blood-hungry for revenge of Jan. 6th that they allowed the enemy access to America. And included in this anti-narrative diatribe, the Chinese Communist Party says there are 5 million petition signers who want the entire focus of the investigation now turned on the U.S. Talk about total nonsense. Here’s Knight with the rest of the story.

Communism Infiltrating U.S.

While America still grapples with a myriad of troubles from wacky 2020, the rising threat of communism across the country is real.

Communist ideology has quietly permeated the U.S., especially in the education sector, where it’s shifted from empathy and moral values to political correctness, social unrest and racial tensions. Why? Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon says the answer has been with us for years. “The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated every level of American education, from the Confucius Institutes that you see on college campuses all over the country, which are indoctrination centers from the CCP line, to the Erikson Institute, a major early childhood education center based in Chicago. And they are partnering with the CCP to bring Chinese propaganda to preschool kids.” Here’s more with China in Focus host Tiffany Meier, and guests Loudon and NTD News David Zhang.




Q: Boom! Blackout Necessary

The salient tweet from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the weekend guided Christian Patriot News to the Q posts and what the near future may hold.

In light of the mounting evidence that the coronavirus did in fact originate at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Pompeo tweeted: “The Chinese Communist Party must pay for the havoc they’ve wreaked across the world.” This, coupled with the impending Arizona forensic audit that looks bad for the Deep State and the Democrat Party, and the looming results from the Durham investigation, prompted Christion Patriot News to dig up Q post 1440 from June 3, 2018, where he warns that a blackout will be necessary to resolve matter. Shockingly, Q repeats the three-year delta on June 12, 2018, to the day of the Pompeo tweet. Here’s more with Christian Patriot News, who brings us more details on what to expect in the coming weeks.

Revisiting Tiananmen Square

As the Chinese Communist Party gears up for its 100-year anniversary on July 1, their throwing themselves the bash of the century. Problem is, the CCP is only celebrating the events they want you to remember and conveniently forgetting the bad memories, such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which changed China forever.

China Uncensored, on the other hand, is embarking on a special series about all of the things the CCP would like you to forget, kicking off with the Tiananmen Square debacle of June 4, 1989. Host Chris Chappell brings you the gory details and how China attempted to erase the event from the history books.


China’s Worst Nightmare

The Chinese Communist Party is engaged in territorial disputes with all of its neighbors. The problem is, when the CCP bully pulpit oversteps its bounds, the victims usually team up in an effort to turn the tables.

That might be the scenario in the East China Sea, where Taiwan and Japan seemingly teamed up to track a Chinese warship, though both sides are mum about the details. Chris Chappell looks into the unlikely alliance in this edition of China Uncensored.

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Chinese Plot To Spread Virus

A 263-page document from 2015 has been released, detailing the Chinese Communist Party’s plot to spread a weaponized genetically modified version of the coronavirus worldwide in order to destabilize health systems of “enemy countries.”
The paper details the work done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2015 to 2019 to destabilize the world, according to the People’s Liberation Army.

Shockingly, the gain-of-function study at the Institute of Virology was partially funded by the U.S. government with grants. The money was funneled to Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIAID to study a way to spread new coronaviruses to humans. The study actually occurred in Wuhan over many years, yet there were no repercussions for Fauci’s participation. The conspiracy goes deep, especially since the bioweapon clearly failed and the fraudulent use of PCR tests took hold instead. Here’s more from Josh Sigurdson and World Alternative Media.

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