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Revolution Spreads Across China

It’s being called the White Paper Revolution and it’s now spreading across Communist China. The protests against the government of Xi Jinping are the biggest China has seen since the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising that led to a massacre of civilians by the Chinese military.

Why has it been named the White Paper Revolution? Because strict laws forbid any outright protests, so the demonstrators hold up blank sheets of paper that have no writing on them whatsoever.

The protesters are angry over rigid covid mandates, especially after a fire tore through an apartment complex in Urumqi, a remote city in China’s Xinjiang region. Urumqi residents suffering under a covid quarantine had been locked inside the complex and many burned to death, including a three-year-old child. The tragedy has brought citizens to the streets to call for Jinping’s resignation and an end to the lockdowns. Here, Steve Turley explains the growing crisis.

This isn’t just about COVID, Glenn Beck says. In fact, the protests currently spreading throughout China are about something much, much more serious: Slavery and control. In this clip, Glenn dives into the real motivation behind the protests. He explains why they’re different from the 1989 ones at Tiananmen Square, and he predicts how these events could play out in our near future…


CCP Covid Prison State

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has returned with its Covid theater for the corrupt and controlled news media, while harassing, humiliating and intimidating the poor and oppressed Chinese slave population into submission, like animals.

RenaudBe describes the scenario as a CCP dystopian prison country. “If you’re a citizen in China, the corrupt government treats you like cattle, or at best, like a dancing monkey,” he says. “This is not even basic human rights, it seems more like population control of an already trained-like-sheep, malnourished population.” Here’s more.

A Web Of Election Misconduct

Sourcing intel from Harry the Greek, George Webb reports there’s a shady connection between Konnech Voting Machines CEO Eugene Yu, Adam Schiff, American elections and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Though Yu is a naturalized American citizen, he’s worked on elections in China and has close ties to the CCP.  And stunningly, Konnech was earlier awarded a Department of Defense Contract for all military people voting overseas. Talk about conflict of interest! Yu, in cahoots with Schiff’s California cronies, also runs elections in thousands of U.S. counties and was given super-user access to all the servers by the CCP.

Turns out Yu ran into some trouble in Lansing, Mich., where he was arrested at the Lansing airport after allegedly running off with $2.4 million. He was given low bail and released, but re-arrested in Los Angeles, his home, where’s he’s under the watchful eye of Schiff. Webb joins Tommy’s Podcast to sort out the details.

Is Xi Jinping The Next Mao?

As Xi Jinping nears his third term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, many wonder if he is becoming the next Mao Zedong.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that no Chinese leader has secured more than two terms in office since Mao’s reign. Chappell dissects Mao’s legacy, whether Xi is on the same path and what this means for the CCP.

More CCP Spies At Los Alamos

Maria Bartiromo says a group of House Republicans are demanding that the Biden Administration investigate reports of a Chinese government-linked infiltration into New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Texas Congressman Brian Babbin, ranking GOP member of the Space and Aeronautics Committee, tells Bartiromo that China has spied on the lab for decades. He says at least 162 scientists who worked  in Los Alamos from 1987 to 2021, returned to China and imparted knowledge they obtained from the lab to the Chinese Communist Party to help in various research and development projects. More from Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street on Fox News.

All Out In One Day

The FBI whose job it is to enforce federal law, took a lengthy statement from Tony Bobulinski back in 2020, and during that conversation, he outlined several felonies the Bidens had committed.  Shocking that the mainstream media has STILL not covered this story and the FBI never followed up Biden’s family business partner, Tony Bobulinski, linking Biden to CCP money.

Also in this edition: The arrest of Konnech Inc.’s CEO Eugene Yu on charges involving data theft. More from And We Know.

DOD Complicit In Plandemic

Intelligence analyst Sasha Latypova tells The Jane Ruby Show there is indisputable evidence to prove that the entire Covid-19 plandemic is a DOD operation, planned, owned, funded and controlled across hundreds of pharmaceutical companies.

She says Pfizer, Moderna and others were paid handsomely to produce chemical bioweapons in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party. Here are the details, courtesy of FalconsCafe.

CCP Coup Rumors? T Or F?

The Chinese Communist Party’s iron grip is trying to hold onto its power for as long as it can. On the surface, it seems that its dominion over world economics, business, social media, politicians and even its own people is becoming tighter. However, behind the scenes, the ruling iron fist is rusting as the CCP’s power crumbles.

On this Edge of Wonder Live, Rob Counts break down why and how the rumor of Xi Jinping’s arrest doesn’t even matter: What matters is how this rumor got so big to begin with if the CCP’s control is as tight as they make it out to be. Counts’ usual co-host, Ben Chasteen, missed this broadcast. He was down in Florida, escaping the hurricane.

Did Xi Survive?

Did Xi Jinping survive a recent secret Chinese Communist Party meeting? That’s the question China watchers are asking as Xi tries to cement his rule at next month’s Party Congress.

In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell looks at the secretive CCP retreat at Beidaihe, how state media is portraying Xi  and whether it means he’s going to be “presitator” for life.

How Do You Catch A Fish?

The [Deep State] is reacting out of fear. They know that Trump has everything: All of their treasonous crimes. Trump has been baiting them in, appearing weak while he is strong.

The [Deep State] is now trapped in their own agenda and the people are now seeing how the FBI and Department Of Justice are weaponized by the Biden administration. Trump is now taking action because they violated the fourth amendment.

Trump sends a message about the Trump card. Is he suggesting that it is time to use the Trump card? More from the X22 Report.

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