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Shock! Planes Frozen In Midair

The topsy-turvy world just got a lot weirder, as evidenced by the second item on the following J. Reid blog. In six separate and unbelievable short video clips, people from different locations encounter airplanes that are frozen in midair. You heard that right–planes at a complete standstill in the skies!

In one of the videos, where a couple appears to be on a nearby plane, a gentleman is shell-shocked! “It’s not moving. We were way behind it. It’s not moving!” he says. In another clip of a plane on its approach to Las Vegas, Nev., it zips right past another craft suspended over one of the city’s hotel complexes. The caption reads: “Holy f— me! It was just floating there.” And in yet another video of folks experiencing the same phenomenon in a residential area, you hear, “Oh my God!”

It’s super eerie, to say the least. Is there some truth to the theory that we’re living in a simulated world? And did we just experience a Matrix glitch? Check out the videos and judge for yourself.

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