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Great Awakening Ramping Up

J. Reid reports that the Great Awakening is ramping up, especially on the military front. His sources tell him the military has been deployed throughout the country under the guise of training exercises and the National Guard has moved to the border, armed with live ammunition and arrest powers.

On the international front, Reid says to watch the DUMBS. He says USGA earthquake activity has intensified and 75 percent of the tunnels have been cleared worldwide. He says the energy crisis is basically a Ponzi scheme to enrich the Cabal. “We have 25 to 30 years of oil, even if we quit making it, producing it, refining it right now.” He explains further, plus reports on more intel.

Pearl Harbor Attack Preplanned

In a shocking reveal, J. Reid reports that the U.S. government knew ahead of time that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. The debacle, he says, was preplanned by the bankers, Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt so it would drag us into World War II.

“What people don’t know,” Reid says, “is that Americans wanted no part of the war, but the warmongers did in order to enrich themselves (see video below).” Same ol’ Deep State playbook we see today. He brings us the details, beginning at the 20-minute mark of the video, discusses how humanity’s ascension into 4D actually began in 2012 and talks about the state of the Star seeds in our presence, plus more.

Here’s more detail on the planned Pearl Harbor shocker from

The Lawless CIA Wars

J. Reid reports on the little-known transgressions of the lawless CIA. He sources a video featuring whistleblower John Stockwell, who says the CIA was complicit in thousands of major and minor operations in third-world countries, which included drug-running, the massacre of millions and even igniting the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Reid also touches on little-known facts about the killer Swine Flu of 1976, where government officials bypassed an approved vaccination in favor of another that caused havoc and death. Here’s his report.

J. Reid: Thwarting Evil

J. Reid relays a thought-provoking message from his source, Shooter, on our intrinsic power to thwart the forces of evil.

Shooter says to always remember that evil’s vibrational frequency field and resonant energy cannot survive once individuals awaken to their abilities and capabilities that have been locked away. Reid also details 11 signs to easily spot evil, plus more intel.

J. Reid: Ascension And DUMBS

J. Reid reports on the progress of the coming ascension for humanity, plus touches on updates from his source, Shooter, and the effort to clean up the DUMBS worldwide.

Reid discusses 11 ways people are shifting into a higher consciousness and points out five signs that you’re OK, no matter what happens. On the DUMBS front, Reid says 22 of them were cleaned out, including only six in the United States. There were two in the continental U.S.–a huge thoroughfare in White City, N.M., and another off the coast of California in Petrolia. Here’s his report.

Bible Fraught With Mistruths

J. Reid reports that for all the truth in the Bible, there remains words, scriptures and details that have been twisted and other material completely left out.

For instance, Reid says, his source, Shooter, contends the 1,000 years of peace quoted in the holy book is complete BS! “Not true,” Reid says. He takes a look at other inconsistencies, plus discusses the sinister higher levels of Freemasonry and talks about the seven signs that reveal you are an Earth Angel. Here’s more and, as always, use your own discernment when watching the video.

Obama FEMA Camp Guillotines

J. Reid shares a wide range of intel from his source, Shooter, including a stunning revelation about the Obama Administration’s sinister FEMA camps.

Reid reports the camps, which were dissected into 10 sections and set up for the Cabal, circumventing the Constitution. Shockingly, the Obama Administration ordered guillotines for the camps to supposedly deal with us, Reid says. “If you spoke out about corruption, the Deep State, any of this shit, even spoke out, they were going to take us to these frickin FEMA camps and cut our heads off.”

He also brings us intel on how special forces whisked Jeffrey Epstein out of the Manhattan jail complex, using a fake body bag to distract onlookers and updates reports on the Reptilians among us, whose numbers have dwindled, plus more. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.


J. Reid: Biggest Intel Drop Ever

In what he describes as “the biggest intel day ever,” J. Reid breaks down a series of videos and articles provided by his source, revealing stunning information about current events, our bodies and mind-blowing resources that the establishment has kept from us.

He touches on what really happened with 5G, the miracle of our pineal gland, the mystery behind the Deep State’s Black Cube Knight Satellite project and the truth about Big Foot and other creatures, whom Reid says have otherworldly connections. Toward the end of the video, Reid confirms that the Star people are here, traveling through different dimensions and also walking among us. He says all social media’s assets have been seized by the good guys and exposes the media’s longtime cover-up of Israel’s corruption. Think 9/11, Building 7, the U.S.S. Liberty, Antarctica, Ukraine, Khazarians.

Reid provides a series of links (videos and articles) on these topics and more, which are available at (below the video). Please judge the material for yourself and use your own discernment.

Shock! Planes Frozen In Midair

The topsy-turvy world just got a lot weirder, as evidenced by the second item on the following J. Reid blog. In six separate and unbelievable short video clips, people from different locations encounter airplanes that are frozen in midair. You heard that right–planes at a complete standstill in the skies!

In one of the videos, where a couple appears to be on a nearby plane, a gentleman is shell-shocked! “It’s not moving. We were way behind it. It’s not moving!” he says. In another clip of a plane on its approach to Las Vegas, Nev., it zips right past another craft suspended over one of the city’s hotel complexes. The caption reads: “Holy f— me! It was just floating there.” And in yet another video of folks experiencing the same phenomenon in a residential area, you hear, “Oh my God!”

It’s super eerie, to say the least. Is there some truth to the theory that we’re living in a simulated world? And did we just experience a Matrix glitch? Check out the videos and judge for yourself.

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