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Old Paradigms Are Collapsing

Clif High returns to Sarah Westall’s show to discuss his latest data analysis from his predictive linguistic analysis system. While the near future will be very dark, we have passed the tipping point and humanity wins.

As we recover from the darker times, our future will be amazing as old broken systems fail and are dismantled, new human-oriented ones are constructed and humanity starts to grow in amazing and incredible ways. We will learn our real history and start to construct our future without the limitations of a global power structure that has been holding us down for over 2000 years.

Here is part two of this fascinating interview! You can see more of Clif High on his Bitchute channel and on Twitter.

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One thought on “Old Paradigms Are Collapsing

  1. This sounds like a whole load of crap from a seriously mentally ill being like the one that supposiidly came here. Sorry Cliff you are off the Earth as we all are. I can no longer look at your crap about the vaccination deadliness. You are a disgreace to the truth tellers and you are the reason we have the conspiracy theorists seen as having no credibility. For your sake stop this. It is so crappy and so wrong. Become a human as you are and you may be of some help. So disappointed in your distortion of scripture. What took your Mind when you died. Distorted Aliens no doubt. Please stop feeding these Demons into our environment-. You are a part of the cause and not the cure. My address is Please make contact and stop feeding the deep state.

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