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Cracker Jack Changes Name

Cracker Jack has changed its name to Cracker Jill. No, wait — it’s Caucasian Jack. Wait. Caucasian Jill. No, it’s White Jill! We talk to Frito-Lay to find out what name they finally decide on. More from The Babylon Bee.

Old Paradigms Are Collapsing

Clif High returns to Sarah Westall’s show to discuss his latest data analysis from his predictive linguistic analysis system. While the near future will be very dark, we have passed the tipping point and humanity wins.

As we recover from the darker times, our future will be amazing as old broken systems fail and are dismantled, new human-oriented ones are constructed and humanity starts to grow in amazing and incredible ways. We will learn our real history and start to construct our future without the limitations of a global power structure that has been holding us down for over 2000 years.

Here is part two of this fascinating interview! You can see more of Clif High on his Bitchute channel and on Twitter.

Mario’s Word of the Week

Glove and Boots presents a vintage video as Mario toys with a new word: en masse.

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Lilting Sounds of German

Experience how German sounds in comparison to other languages. H/T Ed Driscoll

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What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia affects up to 1 in 5 people, but the experience of dyslexia isn’t always the same. This difficulty in processing language exists along a spectrum — one that doesn’t necessarily fit with labels like “normal” and “defective.” Kelli Sandman-Hurley urges us to think again about dyslexic brain function and to celebrate the neurodiversity of the human brain.

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A Slobber of Dogs

Pleated Jeans’ Jeff Wysaski suggests better names for groups of animals. For instance, why call them a herd of yaks when a pack of yaks sounds so much better?

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Better Names for Things

Jeff Wysaski heads to another store and swaps its signage with more logical names for things. You’re welcome, Lowe’s. H/T Pleated Jeans

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16 Words Missing from English

The English language can be dull. Here are some words we need to have English equivalents for. H/T BuzzFeed

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Hearse of Different Colors

Today, we recognize the word hearse as a vehicle that carries a coffin to a funeral. Jessica Oreck explains how this word has, at various times, described a wolf, a rake and a frame, eventually landing at its meaning today. H/T TEDEducation

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Mysteries of the Vernacular

Clue or clew? Before the word clue became associated with mystery novels, it meant a ball of string or thread, a definition dating back to Greek mythology. Jessica Oreck unravels this mystery of the vernacular. H/T TEDEducation

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