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Takedown Of The Old Guard

[Joe Biden] was put into power because the [Deep State] had nobody else to go up against Trump. They were never on planning on keeping him the entire time. Now, the time has come and they don’t need him. Think optics. The people have a front row seat to the show. They are watching the destruction of the old guard. People will soon figure out what is happening. Trump caught them all. He has it all and soon something good will happen to our country. The patriots strategically planned out the takedown of the old guard. More from the X22 Report.


The world is watching the huge difference between real and fake leadership. Even after stealing an election, Joe Biden can’t muster an ounce of feigned courage to suggest he’s actually capable of leading the United States. He couldn’t even lead a potty patrol from Slaughter Beach, Delaware. More from And We Know.


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