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[Deep State] Played Their Hand

The [Deep State] just played their hand in regard to the election. They are pushing Covid and the illegals to vote. They are doing this on a scale that we have never seen before.

The problem is that in the end they will not have enough votes. So they will need to take another tactic and most likely try to postpone the election with a cyberattack.

This is what the patriots want. The military is the only way forward. You are witnessing the destruction of the old guard. More from the X22 Report.

SWIFT Fury Taking Shape

Pure evil at the highest levels of political office. Never forget 9/11!

Trump loved in Iowa. Fau Chi: We allowed evil to grow.

Fury is taking shape over SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). Let’s explore more of the details involved with transactions within the international banking system.

Pray! More from And We Know.



Revelations Dripping in

Did Joe Biden learn his corrupt ways from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Just how dirty are all of the Democrats? Does that party have any clean candidates or are they always snakes in the grass?

As more revelations drop, we are learning a lot more about Covid, illegal immigration and the Deep State’s endless machinations. These turkeys not only treat us like chaff, but they totally trash and disregard the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Here’s more from And We Know, opening with a summary by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich outlining the depth of corruption within the rancid Democratic Party.

A Salute To The “Experts”

Since I keep hearing the experts want to reemerge, I thought I would give them a tribute. More from the Conservative Momma.

Vax, Vax, Baby!

Nancy Pelosi tries her hand at rapping. Is she the next Vanilla Ice? The next M.C. Hammer? You decide. More from The United Spot.

How To Survive The Lockdowns

With the impending lockdowns and mask mandates it is more important than ever to know how to survive in an environment like this. Welcome to Don Doomsday Prepper’s Academy! Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Who Bothered To Look It Up?

Those in the medical establishment pushing their new covid variant “Pirola” must be getting a big chuckle. It turns out the word “pirola” comes from Galician, an old language from the extreme northwestern region of Spain. The meaning of the word: A “cock” or a “dick.”

That’s really funny, if you were a first or second grader!

Not sure whether it was a jackass doctor who devised the new covid name, or one of their CIA overlords, but whoever’s idea it was ought to be slapped with a cat o’nine tails. In case you’re not into lexicography, that’s a whip! Here’s more from Truthstream Media.


Covid Relief Funds All Gone

Uncover the staggering facts behind the $4.6 trillion spent on COVID-19 relief. From fraud and waste to the mere 1% recovery of stolen funds, this video dives deep into the financial abyss. Is it just a domestic issue or a global economic attack? Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Covid 2024? Are the stupid Democrats trying the same rancid trick once again? How many times will they reintroduce covid during election years so they can safeguard their illegal mail-in ballots? Will the cowardly Republicans finally put an end to the shenanigans? Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Return Of The Masquerade

Face mask mandates are about to be reinstated, so What’s Her Face is back with a mask to cover her lovely face.

Covid’s Big Comeback

He’s on his comeback tour and he has some great new material! Featuring Anthony Fauci and one of the douchebag, late-night TV hosts in supporting roles. More from FreedomToons.

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