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Toxic Victimhood

In today’s America, it appears there are more advantages to playing the victim card. Professor John McWhorter, author of Woke Racism, says this new woke movement hurts minorities more than it helps by pushing a victim mentality.

The professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University says he is appalled by the toxic victimhood that has consumed the country, especially in the views of race activists Ibram Kendi and Robin Diangelo. Says Kendi, the mainstream media’s favorite expert on race, “Every person, every idea is either racist or anti-racist.” Diangelo adds, “In the white mind, all black people are the racial other.”

McWhorter says their views are cult-like thinking to the point that we may be witnessing the formation of a new religion. “A new religion has arisen,” he says. “And more to the point–it’s a shitty religion. It leads some people to fashion a victimization identity, a luxury available to people who aren’t really suffering that much.” McWhorter joins John Stossel with more.

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