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Life Was Seeded On Earth

British scientific researcher Bruce Fenton dispels the popular belief that life emerged from some rock pool, where somehow geology and chemistry produced biology, or through random mutations or natural selection. “It’s pretty much a mundane story, absent of any high strangeness, no aliens, no God,” Fenton says. “Though, I don’t think we can factor out a divine creator, some kind of conscious phenomena inside a greater consciousness. Could be, I’m open to that. It’s probably true, but you can’t prove it.”

Fenton theorizes life was seeded on Earth, because after millions of years as a barren planet with a hell-storm of magma, when nothing should have been alive, life suddenly appeared. “Whether it was deliberate or not, he believes life began at seeding, where something dropped on this planet’s surface or was fired through space. Appearing with host Sam Tripoli on the MrTinFoilHat channel, Fenton brings us more details on his research into the origins of mankind and what role extraterrestrials had in creating us, and he brings down the hammer of the alien gods.

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