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What’s Under Antarctic Ice?

Why was Hitler and the world elite so fascinated with Antarctica? And why, to this day, is it one of the most heavily-protected and restricted regions in the world, protected by dozens of nations?

In the following three-hour video, Dan Bidondi and Brian Reece launch an in-depth look into what the elite could be hiding beneath and beyond the ice. Reece reports that one of the revelations was the discovery of a frozen ancient civilization in a cavern with domed-off rooms. There they found several pre-Adamite characters (humans who lived before Biblical character Adam) on concrete slabs in what appeared to be a reanimated system, who appeared to be in stasis. He explains further, plus discusses the discovery of what appears to be a triangular vessel, and more..

Decode & Cassidy: ET Presence

Patriot Underground welcomes Gene Decode and Kerry Cassidy for a comprehensive discussion on the alien presence in Ukraine, its Deep State biolabs and experimentation on humans and, of course, its connection to the Khazarian Mafia.

They explore the shocking underground world of Ukraine, including the massive DUMBs housing these creatures, the nine hidden pyramids on the Crimean border and Devil’s Mountain, thought by Ukrainians to be the house of Satan, plus more. Video courtesy of Chembuster.

NASA, Aliens & The Moon

Retired Air Force veteran Richard Murray tells Nicholas Veniamin that the human state of existence is throughout the galaxy, in addition to other forms of life, and said there are at least 14 human civilizations living on Earth, information he obtained in 1975.

Murray said you can’t tell the difference between these people and those currently living on the planet. He also said there are Pleiadians and shape-shifting Reptilians among us, too. Murray brings us the details, plus discusses his art vocation and NASA, the moon and more aliens.

Alien Life Will Be Darwinian Life

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says if life is discovered beyond Earth, it will be Darwinian life.

Appearing on London Real, Dawkins says the theory of Darwinism is all about replicating entity and information, such as DNA. He added that life elsewhere in the universe will be strong evidence there is a replicator equivalent to DNA. Here’s more.

The Occult Royal Families

What is behind the occult rituals of the royal families? What is meant by blue blood? What are the origins of the divine right to rule?

Is there a Nazi connection to the House of Windsor? Was the Queen really a reptilian alien? Do the royal families perform satanic and sacrificial rituals? Here we go…More from Fearless Nation.

Alien Armada Over America

More evidence that we are not alone in the vast universe was revealed a few weeks ago, when what appeared to be an armada of UFOs filled the skies in California and Westminster, Colo. The crafts lingered for a while, then zoomed off in every direction. Here’s the dramatic video, courtesy of Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Hoover Dam’s Many Secrets

The Freedom-Truth-Justice podcast reports there are more secrets hiding beneath Hoover Dam, in Nevada, than the powers that be want us to know.

Host Kristina says a Cern-like machine is located beneath the dam, which is considered the 8th Wonder of the World. In addition, she says, a time-projection chamber is also present inside the dam as part of a time-travel experiment. “The Hoover Dam literally splits time because it sits between two time zones,” she says.

And there’s more. Kristina says the Hoover Dam transformers are used to store alien technology, the area is the hiding place of Omega, an alien that traps humanity in a time loop, and the dam has an eerie connection to the 9/11 disaster. Please do your own research and discern the material for yourself.

Encounter With An Angel

In a stunning revelation earlier this summer at the UFO Mega-Conference in Laughlin, Nev., Lawrence Noble describes his bizarre experience at the same  event in 2009, when he encountered what he believed was an alien, who turned out to be his guardian angel.

Since the meeting, Noble says, he has experienced a series of events that have left him puzzled and confused. Could alien visitors be posing as humans on Earth? Here’s Noble’s story, courtesy of UAMN TV. Please use your own discernment when watching the video.

Demons In The Sky

Jim Crenshaw says the following documentary provides solid evidence that shows UFOs / aliens / extraterrestrials are not from other planets, but from other dimensions, harassing the human race and pretending to be various alien races, even though they are really the same entities.

He says what you are about to see explains why the American government and social media companies are boosting UFO channels and documentaries, while censoring journalists that expose the UFO agenda as a psyop. The video was produced by the LLS channel.

Simon Parkes: Alien Talk

Simon Parkes joins Patriot Party News (PPN) for his latest release of intel, including his take on the ever-conscious alien presence.

Parkes tells PPN that he has, in fact, traveled off world and speaks of alien beings, such as the Starsees children from the upper-fourth dimension, who incarnate on Earth and grow up very differently from humans. Parkes also gives his take on recent world events, including the alleged assassination of former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which says was a definite Deep State operation and posits that he may still be alive. Here’s more from PPN.

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