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Covid Was Engineered In Lab

Dr. Michael McDowell unvravels what he believes to be the covert agenda of the creation of the SARSCoV2 virus, bluntly calling it a bioweapon. He says it was genetically engineered for efficient spreading in human population, similar to the AIDS and Ebola viruses.

“The genetics bioweapons industry is the most covert industry on planet Earth, but it exists,” McDowell told a vaccine response news conference in Trinidad and Tobago. He alluded to the book Emerging Viruses, by virologist and drug-industry whistleblower Dr. Leonard Horowitz, which matter-of-factly states the AIDS and Ebola viruses were intentionally manufactured in a laboratory–a charge that has never been refuted.

In the following video on Patriot Report, McDowell exposes the shocking origins of the Covid pandemic, elaborates on the reality of the deadly covert genetic bioweapons industry, the SARS-CoV-2 design and gain-of-function research, culminating in the rollout of the real bioweapon–the gene-altering vaccinations.

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