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Nearly 1,000 Foster Kids Vanish

A case study from the U.S. Inspector General’s Office reveals nearly 1,000 children disappeared from the Missouri foster care program in 2019. The report says foster children are at a higher risk of disappearing and the state of Missouri rarely made an attempt to reduce the risk of kids going missing.

Riss Flex reports the case study was complete and classified to federal officials in 2019 and was just revealed earlier this week. “Obviously, these are gut-wrenching numbers,” Flex says. “My big question is why wasn’t this report released sooner? Why did it take so long for them to start acting on this.” Flex says the report attributes the disappearances to child sex abuse and trafficking.

Flex says following the release of the report, President Trump attempted to replace Christi Grimm, the acting head of the Department of Health and Social Services, but the Senate failed to confirm her replacement. “Several reports were coming from her office that were up to no good,” Flex says. Fast forward to the Biden Administration, which re-nominated Grimm to the position. Here’s more on the story from Flex.

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