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Republicans To Retake House

Even the Leftist mainstream media is now admitting: Republicans are highly likely to retake the House in 2022. The only question that remains: Will they win by a slim margin or pull off a stunning blowout that will send the dirty Democrats reeling for the rest of this decade?

Steve Turley believes a blowout is in the making. Several Republican states are due to pick up reapportionment seats in 2022, including Texas, Florida and North Carolina. Also, redistricting is now occurring, further stripping away the Democrats’ holdings.

Turley believes black and Hispanic Democrats won’t be as affected, but as many as half of the Democratic Party’s white representatives will be gone, meaning as much as a 70 to 90 seat reversal in the House.

If so, we’ll dance a jig! Couldn’t happen to bigger jerks! Hope we never have to see the babbling witch Nancy Pelosi ever again!

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