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Another Twist In Rust Tragedy

The armorer for the film Rust was also doubling as prop assistant, according to the Los Angeles Times. The attorney for armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed said serving in both positions didn’t work out for her and an additional prop assistant was brought onto the set.

Gutierrez Reed then complained about not having a dedicated cart for firearms, begging executive producer Alec Baldwin for one before being denied. H.A. Goodman says it’s been reported that there were three firearms laid out on a cart, along with a tray of ammunition, before Baldwin’s alleged accidental shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “This makes no sense,” Goodman says. “It’s completely unsafe, and you’re waiting for an accident to happen.”

Was Gutierrez Reed overworked? Did Baldwin again violate protocol? Many questions still remained unanswered. Here’s Goodman with more details in the unending saga of the Rust tragedy.

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