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The Fun Continues!

MSNBC interrupted the Republican National Convention for more than 71 minutes during the first two nights. Seems MSNBC staff are such windbags they can’t just shut up and allow the news to happen. They’ve got to beat down everything and talk it to death.  What other mainstream media oddities emerged during the RNC. Listen as Mark Dice explains.

Alec Baldwin, one of Hollywood’s most demented actors, lashed out at Melania Trump and the “regular Americans” invited to speak at the Republican National Convention. Baldwin is aghast. There are actually Americans who are genuine and real, and not lunatic Leftists or Pedophiles or Satanists or Atheists like the screwballs invited to the Democratic National Convention. Reaction from JosiahRises.

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Alec Baldwin Hates Q

Alec Baldwin has stepped up his ragging on Q-Anon after conservatives have begun branding Baldwin for his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Baldwin claims he never met Epstein nor visited Epstein’s Little St. James Island — alleged pedophile central — in the Caribbean.

But Baldwin’s name appears in Epstein’s famed Little Black Book. And Baldwin’s name also shows up on flight logs for the island. So his protests notwithstanding, there’s more than a shred of evidence connecting Baldwin with Epstein. More from Alice Down The Rabbit Hole.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Alice Down the Rabbit Hole has been removed from YouTube. The channel is uploading its old videos to Bitchute, but hasn’t brought back this one yet. In the meantime, we run Alec Baldwin’s denial of any involvement with Jeffrey Epstein or Little St. James Island in the Caribbean.)

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Is Tom Hanks hiding out in Greece? For more than a year now, we have addressed persistent rumors regarding Hanks. There have been whiffs of illegal activity — not only charges involving pedophilia, but also gross malfeasance. Now, the mainstream media is beginning to discuss these charges, including USA Today, which just ran a story using the headline, “Tom Hanks is now a Greek citizen, but pedophilia has nothing to do with it.” Perhaps they are correct, although this is a deeper and darker story than USA today admits. More from Geeks + Gamers.

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Suicide Weekend Ahead?

McAllister TV analyzes the latest frantic Instagrams and Tweets coming out from celebrities. It seems they are all suffering severe symptoms from adrenochrome withdrawal. They are sharing thoughts on hybrids and synthetic adrenochrome substitutes. They are losing hope they can find anything that will work to stave off their advancing decay and rot. The alternative is becoming clear: Suicide weekend.

Howie Mandel’s SHOE talk, for instance, had little to do with Shoes, but instead 5HOE, where a “5” replaces the “S.” That’s the crystal structure of EST24, a carbohydrate acetylesterase from Sinorhizobium meliloti. Here is a page devoted to that structure from the Protein Data Base:

Also, analyzed in this McAllister TV video: the new Instagram from Alec Baldwin, which does seem to contain several cryptic passages, possibly alluding to a Suicide Weekend. We shall see, and might understand much more, soon.

Also discussed here: More Big Tech lies. None of these social media companies — Google, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter — has an ounce of integrity. Let’s hope they are all taken to the watershed and straightened out soon. They are doing their best to destroy American freedoms. Screw every one of them, along with the blood-sucking Communist Chinese and Democratic fiends behind them!


Hollywood’s Elite Agenda

Actor and director Stephen Baldwin is one of a small group of Hollywood conservatives who are vocal in supporting the president at the expense of the negative impact on their careers. Baldwin says that when Hollywood celebs start offering opinions about all this, thing are apt to go the wrong way. “What we see happening right now is the exposure and the ugliness of what’s going on underneath all of this politics and rioting, and all kinds of stuff.” Baldwin joins host Heidi Collins on Newsmax TV to discuss the polarizing nature of celebrity support from Hollywood to Washington, comments he has heard from the elites of entertainment and how politics have affected his own professional career.

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Stay The Course

Bucket up! Stay the course! We are fighting a deeply entrenched enemy. Here, we see President Donald Trump as he spars with the vicious press. We see the human traffickers trails in New York City and learn of the scourge of trafficking worldwide. When the President discusses some 25,000 Americans evacuated from overseas, he says “They were stuck…locked in.” What exactly does he mean?

Why are Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alec Baldwin, Oprah Winfrey and other Hollywood stars wearing the same carnelian or red onyx rings worn by Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general killed for plotting terrorism?  Is there a cold freeze descending upon Hollywood? Or is Tinseltown simply preparing its defense after scores of Hollywood stars are implicated in cruelty and torture against children? Why did they do it? Was it all to feed their addiction and hunger for adrenochrome?

Strap in. This is a bumpy ride at times, taking aim at the controversial Alex Jones, described here as a paid shill and character actor. Will the Internet go down as pictures circulate of Barack Obama wearing tribal costumes and shooting an AK47? Americans abroad are being called home. Hydroxychloroquine is now being used in all states, after the few holdout Democratic governors have withdrawn their bogus objections. “This is the beginning of the end of the pandemic,” says Dr. Stephen Smith, an infectious disease specialist. more from And We Know.

Quarantine Diaries No. 7. In Pursuit of Truth brings us Madonna, in her crib, on her Corona, looking like your grandmother. Advance warning: Some awful lip reading is involved.

Stay at home. You’re going to see some truly bad things. Then you will see some really good things. That’s the word from President Donald Trump and we have never known him to steer us wrong. He has not only been the most honest president of our lifetimes, but also the most courageous. More from Lori Colley.

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Jamie Dlux offers a look at the turbulence surrounding Max Landis. Who is he? The Hollywood screenwriter (Bright, Mr. Right) and producer accused of multiple charges of sexual abuse by multiple women. He is the son of John Landis, whose comedy hits included The Blues Brothers and Trading Places.

Alec Baldwin guest hosts The Ellen DeGeneres Show and — lo and behold — introduces a “comic skit” full of pedophile humor. This is not only sick humor, but made by and for degenerates. Meanwhile, you would think the set designers for Ellen’s show would make more of an effort to come up with something original, as opposed to patterning the look after Jeffrey Epstein’s decor on Little St. James Island — the Pedo Island — in the Caribbean! Disgusting show, bottom-of-the-barrel hosts all around.

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Adrenochrome withdrawal is a mofo!
Three views of Sharon Stone — 3/10, 3/19 and 3/21.
My, my, I’m melting!!!
3/10: She’s 62. Looks 48!
3/19: Definitely in her 60s, using makeup to cover up her dark circles
3/21: 62, going on 80
Coming Soon: Vampire time.
From Tommy G.

Meet the Hollywood F.A.G.s

Alec Baldwin, head of the Film Actors Guild, gets his comeuppance after challenging the “dicks” of Team America. What was a joke in 2004 has proven to be a serious clarification and revelation in 2019. Down with Hollywood’s Leftist FAGs.

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Why the Left Hates Success

Why does the Left always assail successful people? What do they have against the rich and powerful? Steven Crowder says the problem with Leftists is they can’t contain their envy.  He explains, drawing upon his favorite film, The Edge, a 1997 Alaskan wilderness adventure written by David Mamet, directed by Lee Tamahori, and starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

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Another Angry Leftist Mob

According to the liberal mainstream media, the “leftist mob” activity that Republican lawmakers and Trump supporters have raised concern about, doesn’t exist. Yet somehow, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver can easily find large groups of disorderly leftists with the intent on causing trouble or violence, a.k.a, a leftist mob. Here is one such mob, protesting President Trump’s speech Saturday in Richmond, Kentucky.

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Bringing the boom! Dishing on Trump and Kanye, Alec Baldwin racism, and how the Democrats have embraced all-out mob rule. The always hilarious Hodge Twins in studio on Louder with Crowder! RazorFist guests.

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If Republicans win in November, it will be because Americans want jobs, not mobs!

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Liberals: Hang ‘Em High

The scene in Alexandria, Va., where Bernie-bot James T. Hodgkinson opened fire yesterday and wounded five people, including his target — House Majority Leader Steve Scalise. What a low-life scum-bag Mr. Hodgkinson proved to be. Not only was he a flaming assassin, but like most liberals, he exhibited a whole range of distasteful character traits — intolerance toward others, brutal, deranged, psychotic, doped-up, haughty, selfish and self-righteous, hypocritical as all hell, just plain smarmy and stupid.

You probably won’t see it in the lying liberal press, but did you know: Twice, Mr. Hodgkinson was awarded custody of young, adopted daughters and, in both cases, he beat, berated and sexually abused these girls. The first girl, Wanda Ashley Stock, committed suicide at age 17 in 1998. She grew so despondent over the beatings that she poured gasoline all over herself and perished in a blaze of flames. The second girl will go unnamed because she’s still alive, but she was subjected to similarly depraved abuse. She only managed to escape the Hodgkinson hell-house after she was attacked in a shocking incident where he also beat her girlfriends and took a rifle butt up against the head of a boyfriend. Great protection of youth from the fine state of Obama, er, Illinois.

Did any liberals ever put a stop to him? Of course not. Because these powder puffs never police their own. Whether they are antifa or feminists, you can always count on them to lie, cheat, forge, fuck and deal to carry out their vain, self-serving, sanctimonious plans. They haven’t changed one fig since Hanoi Jane kissed the asses of the VietCong in the Sixties, or Leonard Bernstein and his effete New York buddies coddled up to the Black Panthers and those other depraved, murderous, drug-swilling, Commie-bastard, gun-toting groups. Oh, they were so cool, hip and socially advanced, they thought. Thomas Wolfe nailed them for what they were: flat-out despicable, priggish, conniving phonies. Good thing most of those idiots are already dead.

And fortunately, Alec Baldwin will join them soon enough. Here’s this Hollywood poobah celebrating the New York Shakespeare in the Park adaptation of JULIUS CAESAR where the characters take a swipe at President Trump and brutally assassinate him. And Baldwin, of course, holds that claptrap up as art. In a pig’s eye, you elitist creep! SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE might deem you as some kind of paragon of virtue, but Baldwin is just plain vile — slobbering pig slop — the same cheap-ass bastard caught on tape berating and abusing his own daughter. What is wrong with liberals? Why are they always whipping on, and beating, and molesting children?

That’s relevant because the abuse of children – and specifically, wanton and Satanistic sexual abuse – has more to do with the Virginia shooting than we are being told. Was Hodgkinson just a neurotic Socialist killer? Or did the Deep State work voodoo on a MKultra whackjob to do their dirty work? It’s too soon to say, and we’ll likely never know for sure. But rumors are circulating about Hodgkinson being a Division 5 asset with the FBI — the same division some have speculated played a role in the assassination of JFK.

All we can say, right now, is that this shooting incident is mighty suspicious, coming only a few days since Scalise agreed to join Trump and call out the child molesters hiding among the D.C. muck and swamp gas.  You have to wonder about Chuckie Schumer, Richard Blumenthal and other sleazy Democratic senators who’ve got their hands mired in the widespread sexual abuse of children, collectively known as Pizzagate. Hopefully, they, along with guilty GOP parties, including the nasty John McCain and nastier Lindsey Graham, get their just desserts and are summoned — wearing pig iron — before the proper judicial authorities soon. Seditious traitors, every last one of them.

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Here, U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, recounts the shooting at the GOP Congressional baseball practice. Williams served as coach for the Republicans’ Congressional baseball team.

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In a related development, Sean Hannity from Fox News says special investigator Robert Mueller has got to go. We concur. Mueller’s involvement in helping Hillary Clinton sell US uranium resources to the Soviet Union renders him deeply suspect. That he is now hiring staff from the Clinton Foundation and lawyers who are major Democratic donors also shows he is hopelessly biased and unfit to serve.  He is a Deep State operative, and one we will not only be watching — but calling on the carpet — if he remains and particularly if he is found to be conducting dirty business to benefit either the CIA or the murderous Hillary Clinton.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The original video has disappeared from YouTube. In its absence, we present a second video featuring Sean Hannity discussing why he has no faith whatsoever in the Mueller probe.)

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