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Geezer Musicians Bark At Rogan

First Neil Young demanded Spotify drop Joe Rogan. Now, he’s rounding up his geezer rocker buddies, including Peter Frampton and Joni Mitchell, to push for censorship. Back in the Woodstock era, these people pretended they stood for truth and freedom. Now, we see they were all just self-serving, junior Hitlers in the making!

Styxhexenhammer666 says there’s talk that Paul McCartney, and possibly even the Rolling Stones, could join the Over-the-Hill Gang. If these 60s rockers hang together, they will hang together!

As Styx says, this is the last hurrah of these rich, old fuddies. He believes Rogan will ultimately win the Spotify rumble. Styx notes, “Rogan is effectively doing what Stern did and should double down and force Spotify to release him so he can use new tech.”

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