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Escalation Woo: Turdo Falls

Look for Justin Trudeau’s government to fall in Canada. That’s the prediction of data analyst Clif High, who says Trudeau — whom High calls “Turdo” — will be forced to collapse his government and resign. “We’re in escalation woo,” says High. “It’s going to get chaotic. It’s going to keep getting chaotic.’

Look for a crescendo to hit on or around Feb. 19. In addition to a changeover in Canada, we could see the toppling of other governments around the globe. Besides governments falling, we will likely see an upheaval that brings down the Central Bankers. Quite possibly, the Globalists, as embodied by the World Economic Forum and its leader Klaus Schwab, will be toppled and face consequences.

High also believes retribution is right around the corner for those who pushed Covid-19 and the vaccine mandates. He sees Israel playing a prime role to punish those guilty of crimes against humanity.  The Israelis will be active, he believes, because they are among the most heavily vaxxed populations. As a result, they are now suffering serious diseases and a shocking death rate.

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