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Gloria Vanderbilt’s Satanic Art

Let’s explore the bedroom of Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite and fashion designer who belonged to the super-rich Vanderbilt family. Married four times, she was the mother of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who is pictured here, along with Gloria and Anderson Cooper’s late brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper.

In this video, Natly Denise goes down a deep, dark rabbit hole, taking a closer look at a piece of Satanic art above the headboard of Gloria Vanderbilt’s bed. It’s patterned after Christian art, but represents a truly perverted take on what most of us consider spirituality.  Perhaps Gloria Vanderbilt just had a fixation for twisted art, or perhaps she was much more sinister than we were ever told.

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One thought on “Gloria Vanderbilt’s Satanic Art

  1. Much of her artwork had some linkage to “occult”.
    I would chalk it up to mental illness and congenital “un wise-ness”.

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