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Sick Fashion Industry Exposed

Fashion designer Gianni Salvatore explains how powerful Illuminati factions control the fashion industry, pushing deviancy and perversion involving children. To succeed in the industry, you must commit compromising acts, up to and including sex with children.

IF you concur, you will be rewarded with riches, but you can never escape being blackmailed. You also will be pushed to create fashions that sexualize children, and to use photographers and creative artists that the Illuminati recommends. These are artists whose goal is to destroy religion and morality, and enshrine Satanism and pedophilia.

Salvatore’s refusal to go along with these directives led him to abandon what began as a celebrated career in fashion. Here, he speaks with Nicholas Veniamin, providing specifics on how the Illuminati use drugs and coercion to attempt to corral the industry and push their dreaded aims. Not only are powerful industrialists and businesses like Disney involved in this chicanery, but also corrupt politicians, some of them quite prominent in the vile Democratic Party.

Sodom And Gomorrah Trending

Jab investigation in Florida. Arizona lawsuit. People will be terrified. They know this is real! Conspiracy no more!

Sodom and Gomorrah trending! Put on the full armor of God and pray! More from And We Know.

Project Looking Glass! Nazi Bell!

Elon Musk! Jack Dorsey! Google leaks! Nazi Bell footage! Yoel Roth! Alien timelines! Agenda 21! Project Looking Glass! Robots in the timescape! Transport pads! Wormholes! Alice’s Room! Ryushin Malone joins Linda Paris in this latest video from McAllister TV.

Darkness Of An Oreo Cookie

Have you ever looked at the pattern on Oreo cookies? The darkness is overwhelming, including not only Free Mason symbols but also many signs of Satan. More from XAndrewx.

A Deep, Dark World Exposed

The release of The Twitter Files has barely begun, and already we’re learning: Our elections are rigged. The zions of our social media platforms are baldfaced liars. And we live in a deeper, darker world than we ever imagined.

Many of our political and business leaders engage in child exploitation — ranging from trafficking to outright pedophilia and Satanism. In other words, we’re up to our necks deep in a swamp amongst crocodiles and alligators.

What dastardly chicanery will they attempt next — climate lockdowns? Buckle up. Pray! More from And We Know.

Here, Steve Turley explains the larger significance of the third and latest release of The Twitter Files. We learn how faceless bureaucrats from Twitter not only censored rank-and-file conservatives, but deemed themselves in a position to blackball and censor an American President — Donald Trump.

These bureaucrats didn’t even follow a strict set of guidelines. Instead, they pulled their decisions out of thin air, favoring their own personal political and social preferences, and feathering the cause of Joe Biden. In short, the woke media will not gain our trust or recover anytime soon!

Balenciaga’s Side Of The Story

It’s not how it looks… They didn’t do anything wrong, guys!!! More from FreedomToons.

Gloria Vanderbilt’s Satanic Art

Let’s explore the bedroom of Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite and fashion designer who belonged to the super-rich Vanderbilt family. Married four times, she was the mother of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who is pictured here, along with Gloria and Anderson Cooper’s late brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper.

In this video, Natly Denise goes down a deep, dark rabbit hole, taking a closer look at a piece of Satanic art above the headboard of Gloria Vanderbilt’s bed. It’s patterned after Christian art, but represents a truly perverted take on what most of us consider spirituality.¬† Perhaps Gloria Vanderbilt just had a fixation for twisted art, or perhaps she was much more sinister than we were ever told.

Good Vs. Hardcore Satanic Evil

Dr. Jerome Corsi returns to discuss a NEW BOMBSHELL billion dollar vax lawsuit, Paypal fascism, the Marxist agenda for WW3 and much more – thanks for tuning in. The full title of this video is Good Vs. Hardcore Marxist Satanic Evil. More from the SGT Report.


The Children Must Be Lying

Jason Bermas addresses some of the hard realities surrounding the Satanic cult by taking a look at Are The Children Lying? This was a documentary produced in the 1990s by Brad Edwards, a journalist working with Oklahoma 4 News.

Many of today’s journalists cavalierly dismiss Edwards’ work and other related pieces as exhibiting a rabid fear of Satanism. We would argue these these journalists have dropped the ball. Whether it’s because they are afraid or they are complicit with the Satanists, they are not actively looking out for the well-being of the public, and especially not helping any of the children who have been brutally victimized by these degenerate creeps.

(Editor’s Note: The opening of the video features¬† about 30 seconds of the promo screen. You might want to fast-forward through this dead space to reach the point where Bermas opens his presentation.)

Russia Faces Perverted Satanists

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin didn’t mince his words. He says he’s facing a Western opposition led by practicing Satanists. He describes their faith as “a perverted religion: outright Satanism.”

The fake news might remain mum, but Western leaders, including Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, are all visibly corrupt and discernibly Satanists. There are many other such creeps in positions of power, all across the globe. Time we remove them from office. More from the Daily Mail.

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