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The Seal Of The Black Sun

The Black Sun not only is a key symbol of Nazism, but also is involved in many forms of Satanism. Here, the Disgruntled Leaf Network introduces us to this sun wheel with its 12 radial sectors. We see its appearance in Nazi halls and legends, but also come to understand how it is linked to older figures from Egyptian and Greek mythology, including Osiris, Ra, Hermes and Hercules.

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Their Plan Is Purely Satanic

Researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins me to discuss new information revealing what the enemies of humanity have planned for us. More from the SGTReport.

Hollywood cannibals! Hollywood satanists! Vatican assassins! 9th Circle! It’s deeper than you think. More from McAllister TV.

Masonry’s Secret Satanic Roots

We are in a war; a war between good and evil, between God, and Lucifer. We must choose between good and evil. All the big important people have been bought, compromised, sworn to Lucifer through a secret society, Freemasonry, which is actually Satan worship. They have sworn to destroy most of mankind in a bloodbath, which is a blood sacrifice to their god, Lucifer.

This is a passionate, fact-filled video by Altiyan Childs, a former Free Mason and the winner of the 2010 Australian X-Factor contest. He explains in detail the signs and symbols of Free Masons — the hand symbols, the pyramids, the one-eyed glyphs, the secret hand shakes and the many coded homages to Lucifer.

Scores of Hollywood personalities, famous politicians, rock stars, sports figures and other influential celebrities are shown to be practicing Free Masons, meaning they not only acknowledge and pay homage to Satan, but they openly despise Christian as well as most of their fans and everyday followers. They consider us profane, weak, stupid, vile and gullible. It’s time we no longer give them a pass, but instead hold them accountable for their corrupt and sinister practices.

This video runs more than five hours long! We don’t recommend you watch it all in one sitting. There’s far too much information to digest all at once. Instead of viewing it in its entirety, watch an hour or two a day. Return until you have seen it all. It is that vital that you watch and come to understand the nature of our enemies, and what we must do to combat and defeat them.

This will not be a battle won in a day, a week, a month, not even a year or two. But we must begin to address these lowly miscreants. We can no longer permit them to darken our world and bring misery to our children or doom to our civilization. Burn in hell, demons! You all deserve to be whipped and skinned alive, same as the hideous goat you worship!





Stand And Fight Back!

The more we learn…the more we stand and fight back! Pray! More from And We Know.

What do you know about DARPA’s covid microchips? Find out more in the latest edition of Accordin’ To Jordan with Jordan Sather.  He also gets into the BLM riots, a TV bombshell from Turkey, and the latest vaccine permutations.

We seldom run trailers for coming attractions. But we’ll make an exception for In Pursuit of Truth — not only because his videos are always so good, but he’s making fewer of them these days — but longer ones — so it’s easier to miss or skip them by accident.

The forthcoming trailer is for a video called Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. IPOT will be delving into the death of DMX and the music industry’s hellward bent.

When? Soon, he promises!



At The Precipice

To say we’re at the precipice seems like an understatement. Hang on tight! Stick together! Pray! If you’re discouraged, at least watch the meme featuring President DOnald Trump along with Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Michael Flynn and others. More from And We Know.

Will vaccine passports end human liberty? Why is the music industry pushing satanism on children? More from JustInformed Talk.

Emergency Broadcasts Begin?

On Wed. 20 Jan. Inauguration Day the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will be activated. The Federal Communications Commission is telling major networks that their programming will be preempted from 8am EST for up to 72 hours. If they don’t comply, they will be off the air. (EDITOR’S NOTE: At 8 am, television stations had not activated the Emergency Broadcast System. Either the start of this has been delayed or this is but false “clickbait” and not going to happen.)

Ten Days of Darkness will begin as Mass Arrests of more than 500,000 individuals is expected to happen worldwide. On the EBS, eight-hour videos will be broadcast three times a day for ten days straight. The videos will contain Military Tribunals filled with confessions of high profile elite individuals exposed for their Crimes Against Humanity. More from Dave Zublick on the Dark Outpost.

L. Lin Wood spoke Tuesday on Patriotically Correct Radio. He said patriots need to remain in their homes for the next 10 days to two weeks. He encouraged all to listen to President Donald Trump on the Emergency Alert System.

A Fever Pitch approaches. What is about to happen? How far will the Leftist Satanists go? More from Craig Mason.

It’s A Sign

How long have Hollywood celebrities been blaspheming Jesus? Here, we see some of the more obnoxious of these Satanists and swine, including Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin. More from Mark Dice.

It’s Going To Be Biblical

Frontline member of the Trump legal team Sidney Powell comments exclusively on the claims that are going to be made in the legal battle to come over the presidential election results. – with political analyst Mark Halperin and Newsmax TV’s Rob Schmitt. She says the Democrats cheated to add 35,000 to the vote totals for Joe Biden and key Democrats in the state of Georgia. The revelations about how this was done are going to be “Biblical,” she promised.

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And, over on One America News, Chanel Rion released a 30-minute special called Dominion-izing The Vote, featuring the trail of vote fraud and tabulation errors surrounding the voting machines in use from Dominion Voting Systems, a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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Meanwhile, attorney Lin Wood says Americans will be shocked when they discover the degree to which pedophilia and Satanism have become predominant forces among the political, media and entertainment elite. His words: “This country’s going to be shocked when the find the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some periods of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia. They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in Satanic worship.”

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Hillary’s Satanic Tendencies

If there’s one thing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has revealed, it’s the section of elites that are into abusing children. These are very powerful people, driven by a strong satanic component.

Among those at the very top of the list is the Clinton Crime Family, specifically Hillary Clinton. Her alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his Lolita Express, and her satanic crimes against children have been well-documented, though the mainstream media has stood stoutly behind her, writing off the allegations as nonsense perpetrated by crackpot conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

Activist and investigative reporter Shaun Attwood maintains that the evidence against Epstein, the Clintons and other elites is overwhelming. For example, he says, “Look at the video of the art in Epstein’s house. The art was twisted, not to mention all the photographs he had of kids on his walls in various poses and lacking clothes.” Attwood also points to a recent photograph of Hillary Clinton at her laptop computer, recording a podcast. The computer is propped up by a book titled Erotics, by Italian glass artist Lucio Bubacco, which is described by one online seller to feature “carnivalesque orgies, crystalline incubi (male demons having sex with sleeping women) and erotic fantasies in glass.”

In the following report, Attwood takes dead aim at the Clinton Crime Family and these dregs of society. He says, “If there’s anything close to Satanism on the world, Hillary Clinton is the personification of it.”

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Deep State Takes The Bait

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is in the process of being exposed. We are now moving into crimes against humanity. Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for the Supreme Court position. How do you introduce Haiti and children in the public realm? Flynn will be free in 30, watch September. The patriots are the majority. They are now pushing back. More from the X22 Report.

Theory no more! A government report proves Democratic plot to steal and undermine the 2020 election! Both the mainstream media and Big tech are in on the fix. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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We were warned about their mass extinction and transhumanism agenda! More from TRUreporting.

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A former US Air Force Intel asset discusses Project Looking Glass. A feud erupts between Hussein and the Clintons. Much more in this edition of JustInformed Talk.

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