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Gloria Vanderbilt’s Satanic Art

Let’s explore the bedroom of Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite and fashion designer who belonged to the super-rich Vanderbilt family. Married four times, she was the mother of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who is pictured here, along with Gloria and Anderson Cooper’s late brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper.

In this video, Natly Denise goes down a deep, dark rabbit hole, taking a closer look at a piece of Satanic art above the headboard of Gloria Vanderbilt’s bed. It’s patterned after Christian art, but represents a truly perverted take on what most of us consider spirituality.  Perhaps Gloria Vanderbilt just had a fixation for twisted art, or perhaps she was much more sinister than we were ever told.

Dr. Jill’s Creepy Hands!

New Event Intel! Sub-Cabal group! International Alliance! Will Trump be arrested? Dr. Jill’s creepy hands! Anderson Cooper’s Creepy adoption! Megadeath! White Hat moles! Infiltration! Trump is never ever “tricked”! The Dead are going to come back to life! More from McAllister TV.

The FBI raid on Castle Mar-A-Lago. “You don’t frighten us, FBI pig dogs.” More from Bluewater.

More Shoes To Drop At CNN

CNN has already lost its CEO Jeff Zucker and news host Chris Cuomo, as well as a couple of producers — all engaged in sordid sexual affairs, some involving minors. But Megan Kelly warns “there will be more shoes to drop, mark my words.”

Mark Dice says he hopes his good buddy at CNN, Brian Stelter, isn’t the next sacrifice. Dice says he could never find as good a comic inspiration.

Sebastian Gorka talks to Breitbart’s Matt Boyle about the shock resignation of CNN chief Jeff Zucker, and who might follow him out the door in the wake of his sexual misconduct scandal. Could we see departures by Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper or other CNN hosts?


Gosar The Gozerian

Rep. Pail Gosar, R-Ariz., puts on a clinic on how to deal with the kid fookers at CNN. The days of quaintly asking these perverts to stop molesting children are over. Now, it’s time to start raking these deviants over the coals, and taking to task any of the Leftists who keep defending this scum. American society will continue to degrade if we are silent. Let the salt flow…More from The salty Cracker.

To show just how biased CNN has become, Anderson Cooper flew down to Mayfield, Kentucky to introduce a recent newscast. But he barely glazed over the tornado-struck town before beginning another harangue against the Republican intruders who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Cooper, obviously, has no shame! More from Mark Dice.

CNN Finally Comes Clean

After lying and pushing propaganda for so long, CNN finally reveals the truth about Joe Biden’s abundant failures as a president. Actually, CNN isn’t rounding a corner. But Mark Dice has some fun by grabbing select clips from CNN’s blowbag hosts. What a motley bunch of Leftist losers!

Bill Gates Pleads His Case

Bill Gates made a broad effort Thursday to disassociate himself from Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious child sex trafficker who Gates visited several times in New York City, Florida and possibly elsewhere. Gates appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to admit he made a mistake becoming involved with Epstein.

At the same time, Rolling Stone Magazine released an article by Vicky Ward asking  “What Was The Real Relationship Between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates?”

Gates’ appearance on Thursday follows a report we ran Monday from Real Raw News claiming the U.S. military, and specifically, the U.S. Marines, had apprehended Gates on July 27 at a property he owns in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was said to be charged with child sex trafficking as well as having a venal role in the coronavirus pandemic.

How could he be doing TV interviews if he’s under military arrest? One possibility. If Gates has been providing information to authorities, perhaps he’s been given permission to make select appearances for optics purposes. He could have earned clemency for his children or ex-wife, or even been granted a peaceful death for himself, at a later date.

The Rolling Stone Magazine article, labeled “an absolute sham” by Luke Rudkowski, is more damaging. Its author, Vicky Ward, is a girlfriend of Richard Cohen, the American property developer formerly married to CNN host Paula Zahn. Cohen is a close confidant and friend to Lex Wexner, the former Victoria’s Secret CEO who just so happened to give Jeffrey Epstein the mansion that Epstein used in New York City.

In other words, the editors of Rolling Stone Magazine demonstrated no integrity whatsoever in hiring a shill like Vicky Ward. You could expect more purity coming from a baboon’s bare ass.

More from Rudkowski at We Are Change.


Honey Boo Boo Decode

Is CNN’s Anderson Cooper the CIA handler for Honey Boo Boo? Is Honey Boo Boo, the nickname for Alana Thompson, even really a girl, or was Honey simply a young boy dressed in drag?

Have there been other transformers appearing on reality shows like Tiaras and Toddlers?

In other words, are these reality shows real in any sense whatsoever, or are they all fabricated to push lies and deceptions desired by the CIA and its masters from the New World Order?

Hang onto your seats. There’s plenty here to digest as McAllister TV explores an intriguing question, “Are all Liberals and Democrats dangerous, brain-dead idiots?”

Remember when Honey Boo Boo appeared on South Park in an episode where she acquired a new heart — from a pig! She promises, “My heart is sweeter than bacon.”

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The Scoop On Anderson Cooper

McAllister TV explores what CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been hiding. His is a torturous story, involving a checkered history. Also touched upon in this video, more massive government fraud! And some Q post throwbacks.

Here’s a followup providing more details on the alleged suicide jump of Anderson Cooper’s brother Carter Cooper. The death occurred outside his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s high-rise apartment in New York City. Did he actually jump or was he “suicided?”

I Think We Need More Police

Anderson Cooper was not expecting that response from Tyler Perry. 😆

The truth is 81% of Black Americans want just as much or GREATER police presence in their neighborhoods. More from PragerU.

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Democrats don’t even have good arguments or reasons to defund the police. They just want it done…because. More from Sinatra Says.

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Shadow Diplomacy

Welcome to the shadow presidency of Barack. He’s the president who didn’t retire after serving his two term but instead tried to act like he had been elected president for life. This arrogant Democratic snob, with his effete ruling class supporters, attempted to illegally derail the presidency of Donald Trump. Of course, the leftist mainstream media joined them in this quest. Here, In Pursuit of Truth gets to the bottom of this tacky and sordid affair.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream media event narrative has lost steam. The narrative is falling apart. The people can see the truth. Everything is being exposed: the corruption, treason and the shadow presidency. During Trump’s presidency Obama shadowed him trying to keep all deals intact. This has failed. There is only one way this can end. Those who knowingly committed treason must be held accountable. More from the X22 Report.

Rolling to remember! President Donald Trump pays tributes to veterans on Memorial Day — those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms. More from And We Know News, also offering some perspective on Sleepy Joe Biden and his sinister Democratic cronies.

We are all starting to realize. The leading “newscasters” we see on television are not at all news professionals, but mostly hacks placed in their positions of power by the CIA. These newscasters are not paid to report the news, but to spin the facts, and even embroil us in lies and subterfuge. Here, The Vincent Vendetta Channel examines one such compromised phony — Anderson Cooper of CNN. He’s certainly not alone. There are many others just like him. Not only on television, but also in the realm of the print media.

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How did the Obama administration weaponize surveillance laws to target Trump? Jennifer Mac discusses the pack of crimes that we call ObamaGate. The mainstream media rarely touches upon these crimes because they never will say anything negative about the bilge-water rat Obama.

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