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This Deception Was Titanic

Not surprisingly, the deception that was the Titanic traces its roots to the evil Rothschild family and the Jesuit Order of the Vatican.

The following clip from a presentation by John Hamer, author of The Falsification of History, courtesy of Bluewater, reports that the seeding of the Titanic was a design of the Jesuit Order to squelch opposition to the creation of the central bank in the United States. On board the ship were several powerful financiers, who were opposed to a central bank in America and were duly targeted by the Jesuits.

Though several facts about the journey are well documented, such as the involvement of American high-financier J.P. Morgan, an agent of the Rothschilds and owner of the ship, there was the stunning revelation that the ship’s captain, Edward John Smith, was himself a Jesuit coadjutor–a Jesuit who has taken the oath but does not wear the robe.

On that fateful night, Smith ordered the ship to travel through an 80-square-mile ice field at full speed on a moonless night, despite being warned of the danger by more than eight telegrams. The gentleman in the clip says you can only draw one conclusion from his action–he was ordered to sink the ship! Here’s more.


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