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Darkness Of An Oreo Cookie

Have you ever looked at the pattern on Oreo cookies? The darkness is overwhelming, including not only Free Mason symbols but also many signs of Satan. More from XAndrewx.

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One thought on “Darkness Of An Oreo Cookie

  1. Excellent information. The antenna on the Oreo cookie looks like a double cross. I believe the double cross is evil. The real cross has one vertical beam and one horizontal beam. The double cross has an extra horizontal beam which negates the other horizontal beam. The real cross is Christ; the double cross is antichrist.

    I have seen the double cross outside certain churches.

    The real cross of Christ offends people’s worldly, sinful sensibilities. I am not merely talking about a Christian who wears a cross necklace for people to see with their physical eyes. The real cross of Christ is a life lived totally surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ–this is what offends the people of the world. The Holy Spirit in Christians is what offends the demons in unbelievers.

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