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Paul Joseph Watson explores the abominable architecture that has transformed London into a dystopic city full of buildings no one wants to see.

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One thought on “Craphouses

  1. Globalist Architecture: ugly, perverted aesthetics, an absolute eyesore. I think it is being done on purpose. If someone had to live in one of those horribly ugly buildings, they would become so depressed that they would have to consume a lot of alcohol or drugs just to kill the pain of living there. It would be good for the beer and hard liquor industry and for the drug cartels.

    Living in such ugly neighborhoods would keep people on edge: they would be prone to violence and rioting and destruction of property. Divide and conquer. The government would come in and have more control over society.

    I remember I was walking with a friend in the wooded countryside of Big Sur, California many years ago. All of the houses were beautiful, well-designed, made out of wood–except one: it was a three-story house made out of stainless steel–in the middle of the trees. Just because of that one house, I would not want to live there.

    So many cities have such ugly, modern architecture: it would be like living in a prison: a life of daily punishment on the eyes. I am grateful that I live in a small town in the mountains.

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