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Jabs Genetically-Altering People

Todd Callendar, international attorney and CEO of a healthcare group, joins the Dr. Sherri Tenpenny podcast to unravel mystery surrounding genetically-modified humans and soldiers.

The massive issue, which has yet to break into the mainstream, revolves around the Department of Defense’s vaccine mandate for U.S. servicemen. In August 2021, Callendar was among the principals filing the first Covid mandate lawsuit against the DOD, the Department of Humans Services and the FDA, eventually forcing them to back off the mandate.

Despite his success, Callendar says there is basically no change in the net result of the Covid mandate. “The same, or worse, ingredients are in the flu shots, which are on their mandatory schedule” he says. He added that everything now going into injectables is for the purpose of genetically-modifying people.” He explains further.

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