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FDA Vax-Death Coverup

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says breaking news from Zero Hedge reveals that the FDA has refused to provide key Covid-19 vaccine safety analyses.

Sigurdson reports that in the vaccine-approval process, the FDA looked the other way when Pfizer dismissed or didn’t include data of child deaths from the vaccine. This comes as the CDC also notes Pfizer continues to release deadly batches of vaccines into the public. All the while, 1,249 athletes have either been severely injured or killed by the vaccine since the release of the clot shot. Sigurdson brings us more details.

CDC Caught Hiding Baby Deaths

Dr. Jane Ruby reports that the criminal CDC is now being exposed for lying about dangers to babies and toddlers from the bioweapon vaccines forced on children 6 months to under 5 years old by the FDA. She flushes out the details, plus talks with Dr. Peter Breggin about the manipulation by some front-liners pushing the pseudo science of mass formation psychosis.

Robot Brain Implants Are Here

Josh Sigurdson reports that the Cabal has taken another ugly step in their march toward the Great Reset, tinkering with morphing humans and machines.

He says that FDA-approved Synchron Inc., a U.S. company, has moved forward with the historic implanting of robot brain interfaces in Australia. The interface allegedly helps people control digital devices with their minds and cures neurological problems. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

FDA’s License To Kill

Dr. Jane Ruby slams the FDA for its decision to drop the requirement to test new drugs for bioweapon shotmakers. Ruby says it’s the final death blow to the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Hippocratic Oath, unveiling its true mission to commit treason against America and bioterrorism on the people of the world. Here’s her report, courtesy of James Red Pills America.

Pfizer Ignored Vax Trial Data

In a bombshell revelation, Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of HART, a group of highly respected independent doctors and scientists in the United Kingdom, exposes how Pfizer manipulated and ignored data from its vaccination trial for children to apply for an emergency use authorization with the FDA.

She says the data shows that Pfizer recruited 4,500 children for the trial, in which 3,000 dropped out,¬† and in the end, claimed the vaccine was effective on the basis of four Covid cases versus seven, a difference of only four children. “And all of this on the basis of a disease that doesn’t affect children and with no long-term safety data,” Craig says. She explains further, including how Pfizer twisted pertinent data through each phase of the trial. Video courtesy of specializedtom.

Bill Gates In Panic Mode

Bill Gates appears to be soiling his pants, as he senses an awakening and looming reckoning for the entire Covid-19 fiasco that was a fraud.

The usually confident and flamboyant Gates was in obvious panic mode during a recent interview, exclaiming, “If we knew the vaccines didn’t work, why were they mandated?” Then he came back later in the interview and said the world didn’t go on alert as quickly as it needed to. “Pretty scary period that the world didn’t go on alert as quickly as it needed to,” says David Knight in jest. “It’s a more scary period for Bill Gates, because the world is on alert to his crimes against humanity.” More from “The David Knight Show,” courtesy of Xandrewx.

Mass Die-Off From Vaccines

Josh Sigurdson reports on the mass die-off of those who were vaccinated with the mandated, UK government poison.

The English government tallies shocking statistics of nearly 200,000 people dying in a short period of time from the jab. Meanwhile, more than 500 U.S. military personnel are suing the government for mandating a vaccine that wasn’t even approved by the FDA. Sigurdson fills in the details and more in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Raise Your Life Expectancy

I talk about 3 different types of ‘life expectancy” and this ridiculous new narrative about misinformation is impacting our lives. More from Amazing Polly.


Jamie Dlux examines the checkered career of Stanislaw Burzynski , the founder of the Houston, Texas-based Burzynski Clinic. Burzyinski has pioneered the use of antineoplastons in the treatment of cancer. It’s an unconventional approach, which has led to a series of challenges to the clinic from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While the FDA has been rebuffed by more than one grand jury, they have persisted in filing actions against Burzyinski, leading to considerable acrimony and debate. Is the agency really concerned about the caliber of Burzynski’s treatment or simply pushing a vendetta?

Vaxxes Contain Metallic Objects

Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the latest evidence of Pfizer and Moderna vials containing metallic foreign objects, which have been seen growing into self-assembling circuits that rapidly expand when warmed to body temperature.¬†Ruby provides the evidence, proving that bioweapon makers and the FDA have always known the dangers of gene therapy. Here’s more.

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