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The Trail Leads To Switzerland

2023 will be the year that the White Hats rout the evil Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other elite families in the Khazarian Mafia who have preyed upon the Earth and humanity for centuries.

Japan-based journalist Benjamin Fulford says the Rothschilds alone are offering trillions to be spared, but he advises to be wary in dealing with these people, for it is in their nature to be cruel and inhumane.

Most roads in stalking these miscreants lead to Switzerland. It might take an invasion of that nation by both the German and Russian armies to ferret out these criminals and the wealth they have stashed.

An important aspect of any cleanout? Determining how they have usurped adoption networks so they can steal away children for criminal adrenochrome harvests. Also, it must be determined, if they are using CERN, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, in an attempt to create a portal so they can leave Earth for other celestial pastures.


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