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The CIA Is No More!

Here is part two of Sarge from Icons’ appearance on McAllister TV. Highlights of this episode: The CIA is no more! Nesara/Gesara! World citizen government! Cloaking technology! The battle for our planet! The end of the fraudulent corporation! The best is yet to come!

In this episode, we discuss the newly released video of Hunter Biden confessing to a prostitute that his laptop was stolen by Russian mobsters after he overdosed from doing drugs with another prostitute in a $10k per night penthouse suite. We talk about the intel agencies frame job of Donald Trump with Russian hookers becoming a diversion for their compromised, corrupt puppet Joe Biden’s 2020 run for President. Also, we cover Psalm 26: “A Prayer For Vindication” since we know that we will be ultimately vindicated for rebuking their evil schemes against us. And much more from JustInformed Talk.


Underground With The Reptiles

Here’s the concluding video in McAllister TV’s weekend interview with Sarge from Icons. Topics discussed: Amazon servers going down! The subterranean war! What are portals and how do they work? Global reset and med beds are coming! Animal covid! Hollywood was marked! Laboratory adrenochome! Black National Anthem! How do you trap a wild animal? More from McAllister TV.


Mystery Behind Sun Temple

Six miles southwest of Cairo, just north of Abusir, is one of only two Old Kingdom sun temples known to have survived, although it is believed that many others existed and were destroyed, fell into ruin, or haven’t been found yet. The building of sun temples was the result of a gradual rise in importance of the sun-god.

This ancient site is connected to stories of strange magnetic anomalies, portals and contact with mysterious beings, but what do we really know about this ancient temple? Was advanced sound technology employed in its construction? More from Zohar StarGate’s Ancient Discoveries.


Up Periscope: Philadelphia!

McAllister TV touches upon several of the most stunning mysteries and scientific secrets of modern times in a new video with special guest: Gene Decode. Here are both parts of the two-part series. Among the mysteries explored here: The Philadelphia Experiment, portals, the Mandela Effect, Antarctica and New World Order fake viruses.

In parts two, the discussion turns to: Underground DUMBs, Matrix sigils, child sacrifice, the pineal gland and Saturn.

Of Stargates And Portals

The Inca Civilization was an amazing empire, though no written record of it remains. Fortunately, the Incan culture did leave us a myriad of myths and legends, including the strange depictions at Nazca, a city and system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru.

Perhaps the most intriguing piece of art is that of The Waving Man, who experts theorize is the actual representation of a deity emerging from a portal or stargate. The depiction shows signs relating to the Sumerian Abzu, the domain of the god Enki/Ea, his consort Damgalnuna (Damkina) and his mother Nammu, as well as being the home of a number of his peculiar creatures. Enki was believed to have ruled the Abzu prior to mankind’s creation. The reality of Abzu is confirmed in Sumerian texts and other ancient writings.

Are The Waving Man and the similarly mysterious massive Peruvian megalithic structure known as The Devil’s Gate in Peru, near the Bolivian border, ancient representations of some sort of power source or physical passageways holding the potential for wormhole or stargate possibilities? You be the judge. Here’s more with BuzWeaver in this episode of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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Did We See An InfoWars Hoax?

Many of you have seen the Shadow Gate video presented by Millie Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince. And you are all now worrying about Millie’s fate after she and Wince were supposedly arrested at their home in Diamond, a small community in Portage County in the upper northeastern corner of Ohio. But what if this has been an elaborate hoax perpetrated by InfoWars to drum up an audience? That’s the look of things. Here, George Webb discusses why.

Webb is an investigative reporter who has been tracing this story for years. In fact, he not only met with, but raised money to help one of the key whistleblowers interviewed by Weaver — Patrick Bergy. The story Bergy presents is true, says Webb. There is a shadow gate, a deep-grounded CIA portal that has been used to influence elections across Europe and the rest of the world. And now, through the intervention of CIA Director John Brennan, this same apparatus has been used internally — within the United States — to try to change elections. Specifically, Brennan and his dirty crew sought to block the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 and ensure the election of Hillary Clinton.

So, the dangers alluded to in the film Shadow Gate are very real, and need to be widely reported. But you do have to question if InfoWars is the correct outlet to lead that coverage. You see, Webb says much of this story has been obfuscated by InfoWars. Webb talked with Weaver’s mother and believes details surrounding her arrest might have been muddied. We’ll see soon enough, as she’s scheduled along with Wince to face charges today in Portage County. We’ll have updates as they become available.


Jason Bermas also offers his responses to Shadow Gate as well as the cast of characters involved in breaking this story — Millie Weaver, Tore, Patrick Bergy and Alex Jones. He doesn’t really try to prove or disprove the film, only to share a few observations, possibly practical and useful.

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We found a second Jason Bermas video where he talks more about the film, and says he hopes to do a full review in the future. We’ll try to present it as well. We usually find Jason’s takes to be accurate and discerning.

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Notre Dame: The 14th Ritual

Gene Decode appears on McAllister TV and explains how the burning at the Notre Dame Cathedral occurred earlier than it had been scheduled by the Satanists. As a result, the portal that had been opened for Satan shattered, and this monstrous behemoth could not reach the Earth. Instead of doom, we got a reprieve — a period of the Great Awakening allowing for a rebirth in Christianity and worship of God.

There are fascinating signs Gene draws upon to explain how the timeline got twisted by the White Hats, leaving Michelle Obama and the other Satanic acolytes, like Ellen DeGeneres, crestfallen. Even the name of the city of Paris is a clue. “Par” in French means “For” and “Is” stands for “Isis.”

Can they still summon Satan? Apparently so. But not until the stars line up again. In the meantime, rejoice in the wisdom and resiliency of our Lord, and learn the telltale signs so we can avert disaster again. Time for the Satanists to be arrested and punished, especially those who have been involved in the trafficking and slaying of children.

The Gene Decode segment begins 23 minutes into the video, in case you don’t have time to watch the entire program.

Here, Gene Decode provides a detailed summary of the #MK-Ultra mind control programs that have been operated around the world since the close of WWII. In the United States, the MK-Ultra and subsequent Monarch programs have largely fallen under the control of the CIA and various arms of the US military. Much of the brainwashing and trauma research has occurred on military bases or underground in deep DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Gene Decode describes the different kinds of subjects — Alphas, Betas, Gammas, for instance. Many are subjected to trauma abuse since their younger years. Their minds are split into different personalities. They can be triggered to become assassins or act as sex slaves or even conduct secretive missions. Gene Decode says the most elaborate of the Monarch/MK-Ultra installations — at China Lake — has been destroyed. But there remain many such sites yet to demolish — from an underground DUMB in Las Vegas to Fort Detrick in Maryland.

More from Gene Decode and cirstenw. This is from Bitchute, as much of the cirstenw channel is being wiped off YouTube.


Ancients Believed in Stargates

Modern thinking tells us that talk by the ancients about stargates and portals is merely myth. But do these doors to the unknown really exist? Science now believes they do exist, but humanity has lost the knowledge to use them. Recently declassified FBI files reveal that Earth has been visited by beings from other dimensions and planets. NASA even admitted that portals do exist within the Earth’s magnetic field, recently discovering many between the Earth and the Sun. Learn more in this presentation of Stargazers Nation on The Lost History Channel.

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Sacrifices Will Open The Portals

Just as Jesus died on the Cross to enter Heaven, the Satanists practice human sacrifices to open portals and the gates leading to Hell. Of course, Fallen Angels lead these demons, angels who are well aware of the celestial pathways as well as those here on Earth. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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The Mayan Underworld

Anthropologist Robert Sepehr brings us up to date on the latest discoveries about the Mayans and their jungle cave passages to the underworld. Mexican archeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples in underground caves, some submerged in water and containing human bones, possibly the remains of human sacrifices. The underground caves, including a subterranean road that stretched 330 feet, were believed by the ancient Mayans to be a portal where dead souls entered the underworld, the entrance to Xibalba.

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