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Military Is The Way Forward

Redpill78 begins with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the election cases. We have always known that the military was the only way forward. The Supreme Court made a ruling on Trump’s taxes. This will boomerang on the [Deep State] and the corrupt politicians. The election fraud will need to be addressed before the next elections. The [Deep State] is panicking. They are hiding behind fences and guards. We are being brought to the precipice of destruction. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV offers a two-part special bringing together Gene Decode and Sarge from Icons to cover some burning, contemporary mysteries. Did the Federal Reserve get shut down? Is it fog or smoke that has been filling the skyline in Washington DC? Has millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of gold been seized from the global Cabal? Are leaders of that repugnant sect being exterminated? What’s happening underground as the U.S. Army and Marines seize the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs?

Here is the opening video. There are a few audio problems near the end of the broadcast, but McAllister TV hopes to fix those before releasing the second, concluding video.



Cuomo Faces Sex Charges

HUGE episode today! Andrew Cuomo spirals as new allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge. A former child actress, Mara Wilson, addresses sexualization of kids by the media and Hollywood. We cover the four steps of Marxist takeover happening now in America. We reveal the Rothschild Covid connection from 2015. Democrats are coming for Joe Biden and the nuclear codes. Former Capitol Police Chief reveals the truth about the attack on the 6th and Bill Gates gives financial advice we WILL NOT LISTEN TO! More from RedPill78.

The Fed’s payment system charges. How has GameStop again entered the news? Tucker Carlson sets the Internet on fire with his Q comments. Joe Biden mocks the “bleach,” former President Donald Trump’s comments about treating coronavirus with hydroxycholroquine. Of course, Biden’s the one who has reopened a migrant center to put kids in cages! Is disinformation the new “bogeyman” these days? More from Jordan Sather on the latest Accordin’ To Jordan.

The Q comms continue to disclose amazing facts! This is about protecting the children. We will win! Pray! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are making Trump more and more powerful with the people. Everything they have tried is now backfiring. Trump and the patriots already knew their playbook. 25th Amendment narrative is now going to be pushed. Democrats trying to get the nuclear launch codes. NSA tracking, Trump knew he always knew. More from the X22 Report.


Robert David Steele Unleashed

Robert David Steele lets loose in this no-holds-barred  interview with fellow blogger Scott McKay. Steele, a former clandestine operations officer with the CIA, says the counter revolution against Deep State operatives, i.e. the Cabal, is alive and well and there is no escape for the evildoers.

Steele says the patriots have it all: Every email, text, game chat, banking transaction, all correspondence from the treason and crime on Wall Street, Big Tech, corrupt politicians, Satanic pedophiles, judges and prosecutors, and blackmailers, who have all sold out. “What we’re about to begin is a clean-up period that will last several years,” Steele says. “But I think what President Trump and the people around him have pulled off is the single, least violent, least troubling counter revolution in modern history.”

And Steele is not one to hold back, leveling some stunning charges backed by facts. Among them: The United Kingdom is the main enemy of the United States, not China, Iran nor Russia, referring specifically to the House of Lords, the Royals, the Rothschilds, MI5 and MI6; Nancy Pelosi has Satanic pedophilia and treason charges hanging over her head; the genocide in World War II was not really genocide, but people dying of starvation, disease and Allied bombing; most of our elected and appointed officials are traitors; and CIA has become a  place where they do rendition, torture, drone assassination and regime change.

And there’s plenty more in this lengthy truther interview with Steele and McKay, including a shocking revelation about late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Trump’s impending return to the White House.

Reclaiming The Republic

Just because President Trump gave a farewell speech on Inauguration Day, doesn’t mean he’s leaving anytime soon. Like he forewarned us in his speech, “Goodbye, we love you, we’ll be back in some form.” To put it succinctly, the battle to reclaim the United States Republic has begun.

The return Trump spoke of will come when he is inaugurated as the 19th President of the U.S. Republic, not the U.S. Corporation that he served for the past four years and in which President Biden was illegally inaugurated as its new CEO. Historian and political blogger Dianne Marshall explains that Trump will never return to the District of Columbia, but not for the reasons you think. She says there will be a new capitol built and an end to income taxes paid to the tax collectors of the corporation that is now in the hands of a new administration.

You can’t be blamed for being somewhat confused, since the majority of Americans never saw this coming and weren’t even aware of our nation as a corporation. In a recent article in The Marshall Report, an online blog, author Marshall explains that in 1871, there was a coup to rewrite the Constitution and transfer the power of  “We The People”  to a new corporation, placing the citizens in the U.S. as property of the corporation that was centered in Washington, D.C. Shockingly, this turned Washington into a foreign entity on our American soil of sovereign states.

Surprisingly, the deal was brokered through the Vatican, which secured a loan from the Bank of London, a central bank controlled by the notorious Rothschild family. The transaction transferred the District of Columbia into a city-state under the rule of a foreign corporation. Prior to this seditious act, President Ulysses S. Grant was inaugurated as our last and 18th President to serve in the Republic in 1869. Thus Trump would become No. 19.

If you’re still searching for answers, celebrated scholar Gene Decode, appearing on Up Front in the Prophetic, with host Francine Fosdick, brings some clarity to the scenario, which unfolded when Trump invoked the Insurrection Act that flooded Washington, D.C., with more than 25,000-plus  National Guard troops to reclaim our rightful Republic. He says that the country is now in Defcon, a military system developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and controlled by the President and the Secretary of Defense. It entails five levels of readiness for the U.S. military. Gene Decode says we are now in Defcon 2, which means we’re in continuity of government where you cannot shift leadership. The level was triggered when Trump invoked the Insurrection Act.

Here’ more with Gene Decode as he unfurls several scenarios that may well prolong the chaos through the middle of March.

It Had To Be Done By The Book

Let’s talk about what happened today, I asked everyone over the last few days to manage their expectations, but I know many of you are scared, sad, shocked and worse. But we are still in this battle and nothing has changed with regard to the mission. RESTORE AMERICA! More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now completed the crime. Joe Biden was inaugurated. He took a private jet to DC. Joe Biden is now the illegitimate president of the United States. The military has been monitoring the elections. They know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker. The entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days. More from the X22 Report.

Look for the U.S. Military and National Guard to take control of the U.S. government for an interim period of just over a month. So Says McAllister TV. During this time, the government will be transformed again into a constitutional republic, and the United States will break free completely from the central bankers, under the Rothschilds, in London. The nation began as a constitutional republic, but was placed under servitude to the central bankers in 1871.

President Donald Trump likely will be named to lead this restored government, as Trump won the 2020 Presidential election by a wide majority. Joe Biden cheated with the assistance of several foreign governments, including Communist China. Here, McAllister TV examines Biden’s fake presidency and phony inauguration, placing them within the context of the 14th Amendment trap. Sounds far-fetched, but if the U.S. military has proof, and can demonstrate wholesale election fraud, let’s see the evidence!

Trump Not The Answer

Ben Fulford, investigative journalist who runs a geopolitical website, warns that we must trudge through the darkness before we see the light. The coming week will be anticlimactic, to say the least. Says Fulford, “I guarantee that the good guys are going to win this and we’re going to end up with a much better planet. But there’s going to be turmoil before we get there.”

Fulford says the whole Biden farce must not be allowed to go forward and notes that, surprisingly, he’s been totally absent for quite a while. Nobody has seen him with the naked eye, only through computer graphics. So it’s crystal clear, he says, that the whole campaign is being orchestrated and financed by the people who own the World Bank, IMF and the United Nations, aka The Deep State. They reached a deal with the Chinese to avoid bankruptcy in exchange for putting Biden in control, then after a few weeks will deem him incompetent to serve, paving the way for Kamala Harris.

So is President Trump the real savior? Fulford thinks not. He says America wants Trump, but the rest of the world doesn’t want Trump nor Biden. And without the rest of the world, the United States would suffer an economic collapse far greater than the one we’ve just been through. So the solution is a third option.

Tune in, as Fulford, appearing with Robert David Steele, fleshes out more details on the chaos, talks about the COVID-19 masquerade and the extent of the pedophilia problem in the country.

Pope Summons ‘Banker Gang’

Pope Francis has summoned a ‘Banker Gang’ to ignore global rule and “save the planet.” You won’t believe what they plan to do. Lisa Haven discusses the chilling signed agreement.

In this video, we break down how the Rothschilds and Klaus Schwab are building a coalition to redefine capitalism. Now, the Pope has joined this unholy alliance to usher in The Great Reset. More from We Are Change.

Is Orion A Satanic Star System?

Here’s a wild, but intriguing theory. What’s it involve? What if Satanic aliens from the constellation Orion have been inhabiting Earth for centuries? What if most of the inventions we have seen in recent years — from microwave ovens to cell phones — are offshoots of the technologies used by these aliens?

Under this thoery: The Rothschilds and other New World Order globalists have been accommodating these aliens, providing them human adrenochrome to harvest. So at least since the 1930s, children have been abducted and fed to the aliens in exchange for valuable, money-making inventions. Are the coronavirus roundups and Agenda 21 but the latest phases of this secretive technology exchange? More from McAllister TV.



Who Is The Cabal?

In this 17 part series, the Cabal will be fully exposed. As time is running out, we will upload one part every week. Research and script are done… for all 17 parts. Only the editing is left. Therefore, one part per week. This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your noise… Meet the Cabal. Next week: part 2. More from FallCabal.


The Illuminati’s Surrealist Ball

Rare Photos from a 1972 Rothschild Illuminati Party:

On 12/12/72, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the most powerful elite family in the world, that are literally the creators of our modern day banking system, decided to throw a Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s many mansions.

The dress code for the evening was “Black tie, long dresses & Surrealists heads” and the invitations were written in such a way that they could only be read with the use of a mirror. The invitation is written in reverse. It required a mirror to be read. Inversion is a big deal in a pseudo-satanic mind state.

While these events are generally shrouded in secrecy, photos of this particular event were leaked. More from the Perfect Life.


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