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Feds Trying To Bury Our Rights

As the leftist Democrats keep gaslighting and trying to cajole Americans into believing that free speech sucks, we continue to see encroachments made upon our Bill of Rights. There’s nothing progressive about the flagrant censorship abuses now being committed by every Tom, Dick and Harry intelligence agency — from the CIA and FBI down to Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency.

Here, Matt Taibbi talks with independent pundit Kim Iversen about the many abuses uncovered to date via The Twitter Files.

The good news? Taibbi says the journalistic team behind The Twitter Files will keep plugging away well into the future. So far, the team has sorted through only “an infinitesimal portion of the data,” so there’s “no indication it’s going to stop anytime soon,” Taibbi says. Thus, they will continue to shed a light and remained focused on exposing censorship and mass surveillance by these derelict agencies.

The bad news? While Taibbi would like to see a new version of the Church Committee formed by Congress to probe these agencies and force them to curtail their sundry abuses, he’s not convinced that will actually happen or, at least, not anytime soon.  We will likely see Republicans in the U.S. House initiate some hearings, but it’s unclear whether they will be substantive, or actually lay down any genuine controls against these thuggish agencies. Stay tuned.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, Republican from Kentucky, tweeted Saturday that the U.S. House will form a panel like the Church Committee and that he’s agreed to serve on it. Said Massie, “We will go wherever the evidence leads us.”)

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