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Put On The Armor Of God

The truth is chipping away at the Deep State’s lies. Put on the armor of God because we are engaged in spiritual warfare! The more we expose, the more likely we will see greater censorship from the Deep State and their Big Tech and mainstream media allies. But there comes a point where they can’t hide the facts any longer. So pray and buckle up! More from And We Know.

Both the FBI and the Eastern District of New York are investigating NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for lying to Federal authorities about the Covid-19 Nursing Home crisis, Michigan continues to cover up voter fraud and election fraud, Russia blasts Biden’s political and legal persecution of Trump supporters and if President Trump doesn’t return, we may have a DeSantis/Gaetz ticket. More from RedPill78.

The pandemic has left Americans without jobs, Trump signed an Executive Order that allowed Americans to get jobs first. [Joe Biden] is now letting non-citizens to take jobs before Americans. People can see it very clearly now. The [Central Bankers] are now in full swing, pushing the Great Reset. The people will decide between a controlled system or an open and free system controlled by the people. The people have already spoken.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have fallen right into the patriots’ trap. The world is watching. They are watching every move the [Deep State] make and now the truth is starting to emerge. The truth is slow because it is not as shiny as propaganda, but when it emerges it is strong and powerful. The [DS]/MSM are feeling the pressure now because the truth is coming. Trump and the patriots have everything in place. Optics are important. This is about bringing the country together. More from the X22 Report.

Shelter Island human trafficking! Cuomo chrome rolls! There’s even a Satanic Freemason connection! More from McAllister TV.

Trump Fans Go Mega-MAGA

The corrupt political class in Washington DC took a back seat Wednesday as an estimated one million fans of President Donald Trump arrived to stage a mega-MAGA protest against the 2020 stolen election. Says Mr. Obvious, “Trump supporters have STORMED the Capitol Building, BATMAN is on the scene, Mike Pence deploys the National Guard, Washington DC is in absolute CHAOS.”

Some of this rally involved Trump supporters, while there were definitely false-flag breakout groups, possibly Antifa in origin or Deep State federal agents. It will take some time to sort through the footage and figure out the different factions. Here’s one group, storming the U.S. Capitol, that appears wholly staged, and most likely, phony.

Dustin Nemos provides photographic evidence showing the so-called Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol were actually Antifa terrorists from Philadelphia. Also covered: One woman shot, and more cheating in the Georgia elections. The U.S. Congress betrays the people. Can’t say we’re shocked. How long has it been since they served the people?


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Sperry, former Washington Bureau Chief for Investor’s Business Daily, also has confirmed the major splinter group of “Trump supporters” leading the charge into the U.S. Capitol was not at all composed of Trump supporters, but rather Antifa members in disguise. Sperry Tweeted this out after speaking with a retired FBI agent who was on the scene.)

Obama Meets with Merkel

So, Obama’s back on the world stage, meeting with Angela Merkel. The German leader is as ugly as ever. Details of the meeting weren’t disclosed, but McAllisterTV has some fun speculating about it.

Wikileaks says Assange is leaving the embassy. This is fake news. Trump is playing up the Mueller report. He can see it if he wants. The [DS] are going after Trump’s tax returns. This is a trap for the [DS]. Nunes is sending eight criminal referrals. Ukraine prosecutors say we have the evidence. The US should look at this. The people are taking control of Libya. The MSM and [DS] are pushing censorship and lying about it. More from the X22 Report.

With President Donald Trump talking about shutting down the border, the secretary of Homeland Security has resigned. An “acting” replacement has been announced and might remain “acting” so he is not subject to Congressional approval. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Some Trumptards are angry because it is taking the administration so long to drain the Swamp. McAllisterTV offers some suggestions why the process is taking so long, and also outlines what might still lie ahead. Let’s hope so. We have waited a long time to see these criminals brought to justice. The wait will have been worth it if they are eventually arraigned. Too soon, yet, to give up hope!

The [DS] are now trying to change law in NY to get Trump’s tax returns. Rep Doug Collins rights a letter to Nadler. Paul Sperry tweet that Nadler gave misleading statements back in Feb 2018. Trump reorganizing DHS and the Secret Service. Cuomo finds out why the illegals are coming to the US, it’s not what he thought. Allison Mack pleads guilty. The first of 2019 was to show the US that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt and Trump did not collude, the second half of 2019 will bring people to justice. More from X22 Report.

We close with a new video from Destroying the Illusion’s Jordan Sather. He covers the ouster of the Secret Service head and Homeland Security secretary and notes how his recent video attacking Big Pharma was removed by YouTube. This is par for the course, coming from the fascists at YouTube. Also in this episode: NXIVM bombshells and a look at Alex Jones. Has he endorsed Q?

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FBI’s Delinquent Agents

Just how fouled up is the FBI? The Inspector General’s report tried to whitewash the crooks at the FBI and in the Department of Justice,  but it’s obvious from reading the document that the FBI totally failed to screen out the political extremists hired as agents, extremists who thought it was their task to overturn the votes of the general public. It wasn’t just Lisa Page and her boyfriend that were the only offenders. There were five or six other FBI agents — whose names have yet to be identified — who were just as vile and unfit to serve. Styxhexenhammer666 discusses these miscreants along with Paul Manafort, imprisoned for tampering.

To get an idea of just how biased and one-sided the FBI has been, why was the agency all antsy to investigate and even block the Trump presidency, all while they never had an investigation in progress to examine the vile and corrupt Hillary Clinton? According to ace investigator, Paul Sperry, the entire Horowitz Report, which appears to be a rather desperate cover-up for the worst of the seditious activity right at the top of the FBI – that report is coming apart at the seams. Bill Still reports.

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Obama Training Agitators

New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump. Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps.

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