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Choice Between Dumb, Dumber

While it’s frustrating to see Republicans select an old-school Masonic hack like Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, the Democratic alternative is much worse. Listen as their dopey Speaker candidate Hakeem Jeffries rants about Q-Anon and Mar-A-Lago after the GOP elevated McCarthy to House Speaker.

What this suggests? The Freedom Caucus movement is just beginning. We’re not going to make much progress until more people come to realize the stakes. Until then, we’re sort of stuck choosing between Dumb and Dumber. We’re trapped in a Jim Carrey movie! More from the Gateway Pundit.

Why is Kevin McCartyhy less dumb than Hakeem Jeffries? McCarthy promised the first bill coming out of the House will repeal the funding for 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. More from Ovation Eddie.

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