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Vetements VTMNTS Balenciaga

Natly Denise exposes the murky fashions of Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, whose sinister child porn fashion shoots raised a ruckus worldwide over the Christmas holidays. Natly Denise doesn’t focus on Balenciaga but rather on Vetements. It’s a so-called “subversive” fashion brand that Gvasalia founded in 2014 with his brother Guram.

If anything, Vetements involves much more scandalous material than Balenciaga. The fashions are clearly Satanic, and promoted using vulgar, scatological imagery. Their promotional scenes involve lots of naked pubes and what’s called “queer communion.” You can dress it up or dress it down however you want, but it’s crystal-clear: The Gvasalia brothers are little more than trailer trash. Real vile scum, so disgusting that it’s not at all surprising that child porn is part of their schtick.

Natly Denise pixellates the most heinous of the trash, but you don’t need to be a priest or rocket scientist to figure out exactly how sick these creeps actually are. They’re originally from the nation of Georgia, but are now headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Their associates include the Russian fashion stylist Lotta Volkova, the rapper Kanye West and West’s former wife Kim Kardashian. A pox on all of them!

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