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The Business Plot

Here’s a new Mr. Truthbomb video called The Business Plot, with a subtitle The White House Coup. It’s a fascinating step back in time to 1933 when a group of business conglomerates conspired to have the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt assassinated and replaced by a retired general, Smedley Butler, who would usher in a new totalitarian regime. Adolf Hitler had already risen to power in Weimar Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy. The industrialists wanted a similar fascist regime in place in the United States.

Much of the story revolves around an actual attempt on the president’s life by Giuseppe Zangara, an unemployed Italian bricklayer, who fired a pistol at FDR while he was delivering a speech in Miami, Florida, on Feb. 15, 1933. FDR escaped the fusillade of shots, but Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak, who was accompanying the President, took a bullet and died later that same night at a hospital.

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