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Hunter Insider Gets Subpoenaed

Trump submitted his notice of appeal challenging the “Insurrection” portion of the Judge’s ruling in the Colorado Ballot Removal case. The Colorado Supreme Court also accepted the removal-petitioner’s appeal, which continues to argue for Trump’s removal from primary ballots.

As expected, Judge Tanya Chutkan denied Trump’s motion to strike Jack Smith’s inflammatory language from the January 6th indictment. Chutkan, who also gagged the former President, sees no problem with Jack Smith using insurrectionary language despite bringing no criminal charges of insurrection. Meanwhile, Democrats in the media say Trump is “more dangerous” than Hitler and call for him to be “eliminated.”

The Department of Justice insider who allegedly tipped off Hunter Biden’s defense team to a pending search has been subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee. U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, who made repeated donations to Democrats, has been ordered to appear to answer questions about her role in the Biden Crime Family coverup. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Muslims Behind The Holocaust?

Jim Jordan releases new information proving the federal government was behind Big Tech censorship and actively worked to censor sitting President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, a resurfaced clip of Benjamin Netanyahu is going viral where he claims it was Muslims who convinced Hitler to exterminate Jews. Here’s more from Kim Iversen.

The Fuhrer Confronts Kamala!

The Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler, gets a heavy dose of cackling Kamala Harris in this detour into the lighter side of life.

In the following political parody, courtesy of Hitler Rants Parodies, Hitler phones Harris and confronts her about her poor approval ratings. Here’s Kamala’s response.

How Hitler Helped Form Israel

Adolf Hitler is often presented as an evil dictator who preyed upon the Jews.

In fact, Hitler was aligned with a large Jewish branch — the Zionists. Even the term “Nazi” signifies the alliance, representing a combination of “NA” for “National Socialists” and “ZI” for “Zionists.”

What about the Jews massacred during World War II? These were the non-Zionist Jews — those who did not believe a Jewish state should be formed until their messiah had arrived.

The Nazis and Zionists conspired together to eliminate this faction of Jews. One of the reasons for Nuremberg was to extinguish all discussion of this aspect of World War II, and erase any talk about Israel being tainted. Here’s more from the Son of Enos.

Fourth Branch Of Government

Former CIA officer Michael Jaco offers a new edition of Unleashing Intuition Secrets, focusing on the rise in power of a new, unelected branch of the federal government. Intelligence agents, along with the U.S. military, comprise the backbone of this governmental bureaucracy, the so-called Fourth Branch of Government. They have harnessed the Patriot Act as a way to punish anyone who doesn’t share their doctrinaire, fascist views.

Here, Jaco’s special guest Ron Partain delves into the history and rise of the Deep State. He touches upon several aspects of global politics, concentrating on the war between Russia and the Ukraine, under the dominance of the Khazarian Mafia.  But Partain doesn’t meet a beat discussing older events, whether involving Adolf Hitler or Abraham Lincoln. So, it’s a deep dive, but chockful of valuable information.

JFK Assassination Bombshell

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses a new JFK Assassination bombshell, one that ties together a wide range of scattered and quite volatile topics, among them: The explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Antarctica, the Byrd family’s political machine, the CIA, the Nazis and the UFO File. Newly released documents are revealed pertaining to the Nazi assassin trainer Werner Von Alvensleben Jr., a man who was traveling in Mozambique at the time of the JFK assassination,  on safari with David Harold Byrd.

Who was David Harold Byrd? This Byrd, a cousin of the polar explorer Richard E. Byrd, served as a co-founder of the Civil Air Patrol and also happened to own the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot John F. Kennedy. Oswald went to work for David Harold “Dry Hole” Byrd through the intervention of George de Mohrenschildt. He was a White Russian emigrant who worked for Byrd as a petroleum geologist. Mohrenschildt also allegedly served as Oswald’s CIA handler and testified at length before the Warren Commission assigned to investigate the assassination.

The two legitimate campaigners for the 2024 presidential election — namely, Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy — should both get out in front on the JFK assassination and UFO File. leaving the shaky, censorship-driven campaign of Joe Biden lurching in the shadows!

Eight Years With Hitler

The following documentary, courtesy of Sergeant Major, documents the captivating story of Herbert Dohring’s eight years as Adolf Hitler’s property administrator.

Dohring was a member of the SS and Hitler’s house administrator at the Berghof on Obersalzberg from 1935 to 1943. In this interview from 1999, Dohring describes for the first time in detail how he remembers his time at the Berghof. The interview was recorded in 1999 and never published until June 04, 2022. Dohring died in 2001. Here’s more.

CIA Stole Hitler’s Plan

MK Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien tells The Pete Santilli Show how the CIA stole Adolf Hitler’s plan for a compliant society through mind control.

Obrien says this unfolded following World War II via Operation Paperclip, which brought hundreds of Nazi scientists, engineers and the research of Hitler and Heinrich Himmler to the United States. “The CIA knew exactly what they were doing,” she says. She details the operation and explains its goal to further the globalists’ New World Order agenda.

Is Inner Earth Real?

Is the concept of Inner Earth real? Could an ancient, advanced civilization live in secret within a network of cave systems deep underground?

In the following video from The Orion Lines, mirrored by My Catholic Red Pill, Mr. Mythos investigates some of these hidden realms, including a secret society that harnessed a limitless energy source from an underground alien colony; a Nazi megabase hidden deep in Antarctica that still operates to this day; and a famous explorer who flew into an Inner Earth entrance by accident and documented this world firsthand. Here’s more, and please us discernment when watching the video.

We’re Still Fighting The Nazis

Here, Michael Jaco builds a strong case, suggesting it was the Nazis — and not the United States — who won World War II. Now, we are still fighting these same Nazis who have usurped American power to further their control over the world.

These Nazis have established the boundaries and set the rules of engagement for the American military to punish rogue nations or enforce the dictates of the New World Order, Jaco says. He notes, “Joe Biden is just a puppet like Hitler was.”

Now, much of the world is abandoning the dollar and siding with the BRICS nations to create a new structure for currencies. The tiers of Deep State leadership are being wiped out and erased, and we are nearing the stage where even their minions will be disarmed or dismantled.

He adds, “Now is the time to think like a lion and move like a lion if they target you.”

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