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Alien, JFK Disclosures Are Near!

Ryushin Malone, Part 2 ( Best UFO video proof! Q Anon rescue missions! Alien disclosure is near! Here, you will see the best video proof that UFOS are real and have been here all along! The Government Sold us out! This is why they killed JFK! Disclosure is coming!

See the evidence that Agenda 21 (World War 3) would have been a massive adrenochrome harvest of the human race! Q ANON: “What was World War 2 about? What was World War 2 REALLY about?” More in this concluding video from McAllister TV.


LBJ Killed JFK

Some 57 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, theories continue to swirl regarding who actually hatched the plot and how it was done. Now, Roger Stone has released a new book saying the culprit was JFK’s own vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson. We don’t usually run shameless promotional videos, but in this case, we’ll gladly make an exception.

The Godfather Revealed

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are trapped. The patriots planned this perfectly. Hunter and Joe are in the hot seat. It’s getting worse as more information is dripped out. The [DS], via Michigan’s viperous Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, is now sending messages to 86 the President. Patriots have countermeasures in place. The Godfather might have been identified. Welcome to 1984. More from the X22 Report.

Steve Bannon joins Sebastian Gorka to discuss the latest findings in the Hunter Biden laptop and talks about how this is now more a story about Joe Biden and his illegal dealings with Ukraine & China.

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Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik opens up about his work with ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani in investigating the possibly incriminating materials left behind by Hunter Biden and their connections to his father Joe. – with Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo.

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Investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand, a former Wall Street investor, appears on the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox, and describes Hunter Biden’s relationship with fellow influence peddler Devon Archer. Here, Tyrmand focuses on emails pertaining to the group’s lobbying on behalf of the wife of a Moscow mayor, Elena Baturina. She ran a construction company and forwarded $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm that employed both Archer and Biden.

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Michigan’s Lunatic Governor

Michigan’s Supreme Court recently ruled that Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdowns were unconstitutional…but she’s steaming ahead anyway. More from the Liberty Doll.

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The Michigan governor demonstrated just how vile and violent she is with a Tweet Sunday that called for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Whitmer didn’t do that openly, of course, but used the numbers “8 6 4 5,” with “86” being code for murdering and “45,” representing Trump, the 45th president. We’re not so dumb, you hoary Satanic bitch. We get your pukey joke. More from Tim Pool.


Attempt Made To Kill Trump

Radical Leftists DOXXED Mitch McConnell on Twitter over nomination for new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Meanwhile, a letter filled with deadly RICIN was sent to Trump in an assassination attempt. Early reports suggested the letter might have been mailed through Canada. Woke Twitter has an absolute METLDOWN as Leftists threaten to riot if Trump picks a new SCOTUS member. Things are getting insane. #MitchMcConnell #RuthBaderGinsburg #Trump2020LandslideVictory. More from Mr. Obvious.

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: We have never faced an election like this in our lives, and hopefully, never will again. Shut down the Leftist Democrats. Shut down their CIA and Deep State enablers. Even if it’s your mother or brother running, if they’ve got a “D” as their calling call, give them the boot. And, unless you absolutely detest a Republican candidate, do not waste your votes on the Libertarians or Third Party contenders. We can all go back to splitting our tickets in subsequent elections. For this election, to keep America intact, and prevent the Communist Chinese from further eroding our political system, vote a solid red ballot. Yes, this will hurt some Democrats, the very few who are reasonable. But until they clean the radicals and pedophiles out of their party, no Democrats can be trusted, and none should receive any of our votes.)

The Epstein Effect

It’s awfully convenient that the attempted assassin of the Epstein judge Esther Salas (who wound up getting her son instead) just happens to be a Men’s Rights Activist the left can love to hate. Even more convenient that he allegedly offed himself so no one could question him. More from Redonkulas.

The People’s Bridge

What happens when the media, controlled by six giant corporations, can no longer be believed or trusted? When it is simply an extension or an arm to a political party — the Leftist Democrats? When fact becomes fiction and fiction fact? In Pursuit of Truth jumps right into these questions in a video focusing on Q post analysis, as well as recapping the sudden flurry of global news.

Actor, author and TV host John Barbour returns to SGTReport to discuss current and historical events in a video called JFK, Trump And The Deep State.

The [CB] is trying to take back the narrative. Trump counters with meeting. The [Deep State] fake impeachment is over. The witnesses have not witnessed anything. They are disgruntled employees who are complaining about their new boss. IG report coming on Dec 9. Jeffrey Epstein prison guard flips. Q drops more bread. Graham activated, calls for all phone transcripts between Poroshenko, Obama and Biden. Boom. More from the X22 Report.

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Black Pill America

The elites have done irreparable damage to our country and their hordes of brainwashed SJWs and useless dependent classes will be turned against us moving forward. Forget Antifa , Redneck Revolt and Black Lives Matter. When they finally make a move on Trump or start to collapse the economy (because of our debt), they will use the welfare dependent classes against average Americans. We have already passed the demographic cliff and Trump was never going to save us. Even now with the government shutdown and the pull out from Syria and Yemen , he is costing the New World Order elites and the military industrial complex billions.

They will go after Trump in 2019. Even if it’s not through assassination it will be through impeachment. They will continue to censor us and ostracize whites, Christians and conservatives, in general. This will force us in to secession or a full-blown second Civil War. I think 2019 will be the year people really wake up. Not just to the anti-SJW red pills from talkers like Paul Joseph Watson, but to the fact that talk is cheap and it is time for political and civil action. Civil War 2 is coming to America. Time to put it all on the line. I would link social media…..But I have been banned from them all. From Heil Hydra.

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The Assassination Zone

What gets American presidents assassinated? Why are all of those who speak out against the Federal Reserve targeted? Black Pigeon speaks.

Deep State Always Corrupt

Fifty years ago, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jim Garrison knew the truth about the CIA Deep State involvement in the assassination of JFK, and he shared it with the American people on the Johnny Carson show. Fifty years later, Generals Mattis and Kelly know that key players within the same exact Deep State apparatus have committed treason in their efforts to try to frame and topple President Donald Trump. Author Donald Jeffries joins the SGTReport to discuss.

Meanwhile, Lisa Haven cites reports from InfoWars and Natural News indicating that President Donald Trump is planning mass arrests and military tribunals. It looks like the Deep State cabal has met its match.

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