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O’Keefe Rises From The Grave

You can’t keep a good man down for long. James O’Keefe is proving as much, rising up from the ashes to announce his new venture — the O’Keefe Media Project.

We wish him the best of luck. Hopefully, one of his first assignments will be to expose the CIA shills on the board of directors at Project Veritas who forced O’Keefe from the non-profit organization he had founded and nourished along for so many years.

The ouster was so reminiscent of Glenn Greenwald getting booted from The Intercept, which he had also co-founded. This leads us to believe the CIA is no longer simply meddling with the affairs of foreign nations, but now pushing its own globalist agenda to eliminate freedoms and U.S. Constitutional protections in the United States.

Both the CIA and its decrepit “law enforcement” counterpart, the FBI, need to be seriously dressed down and restrained. These agencies no longer serve the American people. They simply do whatever benefits the corrupt Deep State.

The O’Keefe Media Group — OMG is the shorthand — will be trying to put thousands of cameras into the hands of citizen journalists. That’s what James O’Keefe tells Charlie Kirk in an interview announcing the new venture.

O’Keefe owns OMG, so there’s no phony board of directors he has to appease. Steve Bannon gives us more details in a followup chat with O’Keefe.

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