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Greenwald Moves To Rumble

Tied of the brazen censorship we’ve seen from YouTube, investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald has left that platform and transferred his social media account over to Rumble. Here, he joins Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss his move to Rumble and why all of us need to fight online censorship.

What Nobody Is Talking About

Journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and blasted Operation Mockingbird. This is the program under which the CIA co-opts and buys off the mainstream media, attempting to subvert journalism and ensure none of the federal government’s dirty secrets ever get recorded or discussed. Greenwald says this is the first time anyone has ever discussed Operation Mockingbird on primetime television.

That’s no surprise. The networks not only fall under the CIA, but even hire these groundling liars, like John Brennan, as “consultants.” The end result: We have a mainstream media that doesn’t tell the truth, but merely spreads fake news. More from Mark Dice.


#Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged Cold War operation where the CIA manipulated the media for propaganda purposes. With growing evidence that the FBI was complicit in plotting the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill, could Operation Mockingbird be back?

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald tells Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that not only are the intelligence agencies manipulating the media  and deceiving the public again, they are doing it openly without fear of repercussion. “They don’t even do it secretly anymore. They don’t need Operation Mockingbird,” Greenwald says. “They literally put John Brennan, who works for NBC, and James Clapper, who works for CNN, and tons of FBI agents right on the payroll of these news organizations.” Here’s more analysis from Greenwald.

Twitter Condemned Worldwide

Leaders of nations across the planet, including Angela Merkel in Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico, have issued stinging condemnations against Twitter for its decision to blackball President Donald Trump, removing his account and all of his Tweets. This is a nearly universal rebuke to Twitter.

It reflects the fears of these world leaders that if Twitter can exert such blatant censorship against the President of the United States, the platform and its creepy leader Jack Dorsey will feel perfectly entitled to do the same knee-jerk blacklisting against any world leader anytime and anywhere Twitter chooses. It’s so flagrantly phony and wrong, it’s hard to picture how Twitter thought they could get away with such Fascism. The company’s stock price has dropped three straight days. Let’s hope it continues to plummet! More from Steve Turley.

Here, journalist Glenn Greenwald explains to Tucker Carlson on Fox News why this move by Twitter has stirred such a swift backlash across the globe.

Twitter COMPLAINS that Uganda banned the website even though Twitter has been BANNING thousands of conservatives since banning President Donald Trump. The Internet responds as people NUKE Twitter with SPICY memes as Twitter’s stock price COLLAPSES. More from Mr. Obvious.

We close with Greg Gutfeld from the Fox News program The Five, discussing how the same Leftist entities that were so silent about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots last summer are now having conniption fits over what happened at the U.S. Capitol. Gutfeld explains the position of most conservatives — we stand against the destruction of people’s homes and business just as strongly as we stand against shenanigans at the U.S. Capitol. None of this violence, whether carried out by those on the left or those on the right, should be permitted or excused or embraced. More from the Next News Network.

Election Day Censorship

Steven Crowder talked about how Youtube is implementing massive changes again to help swing the election and they are doing it on all fronts. More from The Quartering.

Tim Pool and Lydia Foster host guests Jack Posobiec (@Jack Posobiec on Twitter, YouTube) and Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen, Pseudo-Intellectual on YouTube) discuss Glenn Greenwald’s resignation and the abject lack of morals from the mainstream media.

Greenwald Resigns, Cites Ethics

Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded, The intercept. The publication is very progressive and anti-Trump. Glenn Greenwald is a world-renowned and famous journalist know for publishing the NSA leaks.

Today, Greenwald announced that The Intercept sought to violate his contract by censoring his story covering the Biden scandal. Not only did they try to censor the story outright they refused him the right to publish anywhere else, a right he reserved in his contract.

Very few journalists are left. Most news outlets act as propaganda arms for the Democratic Party. While Trump certainly has his faults, how can we continue if Democrats and Joe Biden are allowed to act with impunity and while Donald Trump and Republicans get attacked mercilessly by every major news outlet. More from Tim Pool.

Rudy Giuliani appears on Maria Bartiromo’s Thursday morning show on the Fox Business Channel and explains the contents of the Hunter Biden laptops, how they show massive corruption on the order of $40 to $70 million paid off by a series of foreign dictatorships and Communist nations — Russia, China, Iraq and Ukraine. It appears Hunter was expected to divide the money among various business partners and family members, with “The Big Guy,” presumably meaning Joe Biden, receiving a 10 percent cut. In addition, Hunter Biden took care of his broader family’s general expenses, like tuition payments or buying new houses.

This web of corruption will need to be thoroughly investigated, not only as it pertains to the Bidens, but also to other political families, including the families of Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi, reportedly receiving similar payoffs and bribes. You have to wonder why so much of the American press has refused to report this news. Only the New York Post and Fox Channels have even begun to broach it.

Are the other media outfits afraid to do so because they are Leftists and fear it would ruin the Leftist candidacy of Joe Biden? Or are they afraid because the Chinese Communist Party has investigated so heavily in American media companies, universities, Hollywood, etc.?

This is a slippery slope, when the cost of this investment might entail the loss of our freedoms. We have seen gross censorship this fall mandated by the social media companies — Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube — including widespread attacks on conservatives and Christians, deletions of many video channels and posts, wholesale banishment for those expressing opinions contrary to the Leftist party doctrines. We have seen gross censorship before, but nothing on the same scale as we see happening now.

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In a second video, along with former Trump campaign assistant Steve Bannon, Giuliani says he believes the House impeachment trial against Trump was aimed not only silencing the president, but forestalling any investigation into the shady Biden, Pelosi and Romney family deals. How many other such deals were cast? How many other countries? How long has all this corruption gone on? Why has our supposedly free press remained silent all these years? Were they bought-off or just in league with the ideaologies of these dirty politicians?

Meanwhile, in an exclusive, Gateway Pundit reported Hunter Biden has maintained an open porn account on the website PornHub. There, he used the name “RHEast” and listed New York City as his home address. On this Internet platform, he uploaded a series of videos, also found on his laptop. These included graphic depictions of sex, in certain cases, with younger female members of the extended Biden family. This is not exactly the kind of gentleman you want floating around in the back rooms of the White House! Click here to visit the Gateway Pundit:




We’re Demonetized!

Cultural Appropriation Month kicks off with Canada! Talking all things ‘Nasty’ Meghan Markle, Transgender murderer sex games, horsey McDrive throughs, and of course the #VoxAdpocalyse. Joined by THE Dave Rubin. Join Steven Crowder on Louder with Crowder.

Steven Crowder breaks down the genesis of #VoxAdpocalypse, the blatant double standards at play, and how these bullying tactics affect YOU.

Blaire White offered what we found to be a thoughtful and perceptive assessment of the fight, one she blames mostly on the spoiled brat drama queen antics of Carlos Maza, but she also doesn’t let Crowder off the hook completely, either. She implies he is exaggerating his anti-LGBT positions because he believes that’s what his audience wants. Blaire explains why she hasn’t been on the Louder with Crowder show for quite some time, but doesn’t regret the times she has appeared and debated with Crowder.

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Here is a discussion of the case between Tucker Carlson on Fox and Glenn Greenwald., co-founding editor of The Intercept.  Greenwald, who is gay, says he finds Crowder “a contemptuous cretin” as a comedian, but he nevertheless defends Crowder’s rights to perform and derails YouTube for censoring him. We concur. It’s time to break up this mega-firm that tramples so freely on the rights of Americans. One reason Google treats the First Amendment so flagrantly. It’s essentially held harmless when defamation lawsuits arise from material carried by Google or its subsidiaries, like YouTube. It’s time to change that. Google wants to act like a publisher, then treat it like a publisher, meaning it can be sued for defamation, same as any newspaper or radio station.

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • YouTube to Ban “Hateful,” “Supremacist” Videos.
  • Candidates Pledge Support For Israel In Identical Propaganda Videos
  • California Town Sees Businesses Vanish Following Minimum Wage Hike

They Don’t Want Us to Speak

Globalist politicians are ERASING testimony and holding semi-secret hearings. They are holding sham hearings where they don’t let people speak and the erase testimony that contradicts their objectives. This is a dystopia. More from Amazing Polly.

So! Vice News Canada decided to sit inside its Deep State Operation Mockingbird Glass House and Throw Stones, did it?? Well we find out that VICE Canada has: trafficked cocaine, taken $250 million from George Soros, and it actively promotes child drag queens ( a Pédo favorite and gateway to normalizing their horrifying deviancy). more below…from Amazing Polly.

Jason Bermas is arriving at a similar conclusion as he finds himself in agreement with Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald on the need to protect our First Amendment from Big Tech. Seriously who cares?, Bermas says. “This Is great!”

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The Media’s Final Humiliation

Excerpt From “As Mueller Finds No Collusion, Did Press Overhype Russiagate? Glenn Greenwald vs. David Cay Johnston.” More from 1791.

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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Sargon of Akkad reflects on the tears of Rachel Maddow.

Jimmy Dore watched Rachel Maddow so you don’t have to. His take: MSNBC will keep doing what it has for the past two years. Deflecting and lying, not actually doing any real journalism. If they haven’t been doing real journalism for two years, why start now?

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NSA’s Black List Exposed

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, a columnist for British national newspaper The Guardian and one of several reporters to break the NSA-Edward Snowden story, is set to make an even bigger splash soon. Greenwald is expected to make his biggest move to date later this week when he releases the names of many prominent Americans targeted by the NSA. In this edition of Liberty Pen, Fox News’ Shepard Smith and frequent contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss Greenwald’s threat and the consequences that will follow.

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