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Facebook On The Firing Line

Project Veritas has a new expose showing some of the games Facebook has been playing pushing vaccines. Two different whistleblowers collaborated with Project Veritas, bringing forth evidence on how Facebook flags and downplays any remarks questioning the validity of vaccines. Here, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas appears on Sean Hannity’s Show on Fox News to outline the revelations and the continuing censorship.

The best solution? Get off Facebook. Drop it like a bomb. We don’t need Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform that tries to dictate what we can say, and enforce what we must believe.

Take a hike, Zuckerberg. Take your Leftist programmers with you and march right off a cliff!

Here is the full Project Veritas video. Watch and learn how Facebook is secretly censoring vaccine concerns on a global scale.

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James O’Keefe Presents: “OLIGARCHY:” An anthem for everyone who has ever been DEFAMED.

Veritas launches PV LEGAL and will represent others who’ve been lied about and can’t defend themselves.  If you have been defamed, email:

Twitter Gets Served

Fresh off a battle with The New York Times, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe has set his sights on Twitter. O’Keefe is suing the social media giant for defamation, claiming they permanently suspended his account because he operated fake accounts.

O’Keefe contends nothing is more important than a journalist’s reputation and that Twitter deliberately defamed him by their actions. Viva Frei’s David Freiheit opines that the lawsuit is a well-drafted, well-reasoned and succinctly put, which he thinks will lead Twitter to seek cover under Section 230 Communications Decency Act, claiming it is just a platform enacting its policies. Stay tuned for more drama. Here’s more with Freiheit.

Biden Pushing New World War

Multiple studies prove the damage and dangers of masks. Officer Sicknick’s autopsy has been released. O’Keefe has sued Twitter and Democratic sicko-path Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of thermonuclear war….More from RedPill78.

Our government has operated in a vacuum for years. Our leaders have not told us the truth, but fed us a pack of lies. Now, those lies continue to be revealed. We’ll need all hands on deck soon for the fight! Pray! More from And We Know.

YouTube, Twitter Acting Up

This week in censorship, James O’Keefe is suing Twitter after it banned him. Meanwhile, YouTube has become more belligerent in screwing over its content creators as well as its patrons. Will these social media platforms ever again act like they are serving customers in a free and open fashion, or will they continue to become more asinine creeps? More from Mark Dice.

Inside Donna Detention Camp

Project Veritas breaks open the scandal by doing the job the Leftist mainstream media fails to perform. Here, for the first time, view the closeted images of the horrible treatment meted out to illegal immigrants by the Jose Biden administration.

These hidden pictures record life inside the tents of the Donna Detention facility, a makeshift camp in Donna, Texas. The images show hundreds of migrants sleeping on the floor in close quarters with little space in between them despite the ongoing pandemic.

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas also flies overhead so you can peer down into the camp. It’s little wonder the Democrats are keeping these facilities under wraps and hidden. They are a disgrace!

Shame on the press for going along with the charade. Wake up, you stiffs!

Zuckerberg’s About-Face

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is expanding its claims to remove false information on its pages, as well as those on Instagram, regarding COVID-19, COVID vaccines and vaccines in general during the pandemic.

Facebook policy is to protect people from harmful content related to COVID and vaccines. But the real kicker is that Facebook announced it would remove any policy that claims COVID-19 vaccines change one’s DNA. Project Veritas obtained a leaked tape of Zuckerberg doing an about-face and violating his own code of conduct, saying, “We just don’ know the long-term side effects of modifying peoples’ DNA and RNA.”

Says James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, “Zuckerberg would be banned from Facebook for saying this.” Here’s more from O’Keefe on the FreiheitsFreund channel.

Is Nobody Held Accountable?

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas offers a stirring soliloquy on why full exposure is necessary. He explains why it’s time to reveal some of the more nefarious deeds that have involved federal agencies and agents in recent years.

O’Keefe understands the growing frustration and cynicism over our government’s failures and its delinquencies. At the same time, he does not buy the argument that nothing ever changes. Exposure and the resulting shame are what’s needed to begin to see the changes we have wanted.

Zucker On Way Out At CNN

CNN President Jeff Zucker’s days are numbered with the network. Citing lack of journalistic integrity, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas claims to have recorded at least two months of CNN morning calls in which there was plenty of anti-Trump sentiment.

Political commentator Bill O’Reilly, appearing on Newsmax’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” says that CNN parent company, AT&T, will fire Zucker following the holidays. “Zucker is on the outs. It’s a fait accompli,” he says. “I don’t believe anyone in the country believes that CNN is looking for the truth or is a legitimate journalistic enterprise.”

The morning call is a staple among all news agencies. The meeting sets the editorial tone for the day and the Project Veritas tapes should reveal how dictatorial CNN management is over their reporters. Here’s more with O’Reilly on Zucker, plus he opines on the recent election results.

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More On The Hammer

What is The Hammer? How about its corollary software program The Scorecard? Here, Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, a retired Air Force lieutenant general, describes these cyber tools and how they can be used to alter election results. They were perfected for use in foreign elections but have they now been employed in American elections? McInerney is joined by journalist Mary Fanning as well as hosts Charlie Rose and Susan Price. McInerney directs folks to check out the website BLXWARE at

What is QSnatch? It’s a software “glitch” that’s been identified infecting the majority of the voting machines used this election cycle in the United States. Here, Newsmax reports on the creepy malware that, of course, none of the mainstream media dares discuss. They are all in the tank for Joe Biden, so they no longer give you the straight news, they just feed you malarkey.

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James O’Keefe of Project Veritas introduces FBI agent Russell Strasser, who tried to bully the US Postal Service worker Richard Hopkins, the whistleblower who exposed corruption in Pennsylvania. Strasser was charged with looking into voter fraud, but the fix was in with him. He not only harassed Hopkins but it looks like Strasser has a long history of corruption. His Facebook account is full of anti-Trump political posts. Of course, this chickenshit Stasser doesn’t have a Facebook account using his real name but instead goes by Jeff Streeter. FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to clean up this kind of trash within his agency. The FBI either needs reforming or abolish the whole mess!

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