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Journalist Defends Pedophiles

Lesley Stahl, from the CBS show 60 Minutes, is aghast as Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Democrats the party of pedophiles. Why the sanctimonious smirk, Lesley?

The Democrats clearly support pedophilia, and not only by militant transgenders. They elected Joe Biden as President, and that man secretly indulges in pedophilia. Not only do his own relatives document his abusive behaviors in their diaries, but Joe Biden has visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island resort via the Biden-owned Water Island, which is only eight miles away by boat.

We reported on Water Island here, and got our Twitter account placed on permanent lockdown, an act Twitter committed after intervention from Joe Biden’s FBI. Did CBS or Lesley Stahl; ever report on Water Island? Of course not. Just as those “alleged” journalists didn’t report the flagrant pedophilia performed routinely by Jeffrey Epstein and his many rich, fat-cat guests. Most were high-ranking Democrats, but there were Republicans as well!

Until the TV networks and newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post report the truth about Epstein, we can disregard pretty much anything they report as well as their “august” opinions. They are not honest journalists, nor true investigative reporters, nor decent pundits. Just a bunch of leftist hacks who back pedophiles!

Hey, Lesley Stahl! Yes, we look at you and we smirk! Here’s more from the Dave Rubin Report.

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