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Gates Divorce Traces To Epstein

The high-profile divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates appears to trace directly to Jeffrey Epstein. InfoWars’ Alex Jones is reporting that Bill lied to his wife, the courts and federal officers and told the international media for years that he never stayed with Epstein at his residences in Paris and New York. He was adamant about never being aboard the  “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s pedophile island in the Caribbean.

Turns out Gates did visit those places, in addition to properties in New Mexico and Florida, staying in compounds with all sorts of bizarre things going on inside, including prostitution, pedophilia and drug abuse. Jones says Gates was also heavily involved with other pimps that were corrupting top scientists around the world to gain control. “She (Melinda) has been extremely embarrassed by all this, but she’s also shown a lot of naivete, many times going on many shows saying, ‘Oh no, he’s not into eugenics. He’s not into depopulation,'” Jones says. Here’s more on the Gates divorce and Bill’s missteps on this edition of InfoWars.

Democrats Indicted! Arrested!

Democrats in record numbers are now being indicted and arrested! Are we seeing the results of a long-term plan? Are we moving from dark to light? Pray. More from And We Know.

The patriots are now exposing the [Deep State] to all the people. As each day passes more information is coming out and it is boomeranging on them. The patriots are continually sending messages to the patriots. Trump and the patriots are hitting the [Deep State] from every side. Dan Scavino tells us to watch the water. Mike Pompeo tells us to watch Iran. More from the X22 Report.

The battle between Biden and Putin is starting to heat up. So where does China fit into the picture? Also, news is accelerating on Jeffrey Epstein. Why is Epstein protege Lex Wexner now running for cover? Hear about the new scandalous documents from Ghislaine Maxwell. Finally, have the Leftists grown so pushy they are now advocating vaccines for children? When will this nonsense end? More from Jordan Sather in a new edition of Accordin’ To Jordan.

Ghislaine In The Hot Zone

Why were Ghislaine Maxwell and her paramour, Jeffrey Epstein, so focused on the islands of the Caribbean? This is the Hot Zone, the region below Florida and Miami, extending toward the Bahamas and Cuba.

In days of olde, pirates trolled these salty waters. Nowadays, Ghislaine piloted submarines, bringing Jeffrey ‘s rich fat cat friends for wanton orgies at the resort Epstein owned in the U.S. Virgin Islands — Little St. James Island.

Were the submarines strictly for transport or was an underwater search also in progress to locate buried and forgotten cities with towering pillars, now fallen into the sea? Are there land masses lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean that are now rising and could once again resurface, reveling ancient splendors? How do Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Cayce and Paulina Zelitsky, as well as President John F. Kennedy, figure into these mysteries?

Strap in for turbulence as the Dark Journalist embarks on a journey the likes of which could rock even King Poseidon, sending him rolling beneath the waves!


Tales From The Temple

Did Jeffrey Epstein have tapes showing Bill Clinton and Donald Trump in compromising sexual positions? Were these tapes filmed in New York, Florida, New Mexico or on Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean?

Epstein’s accomplice, the now-jailed Ghislaine Maxwell, has told acquaintances that the tapes are real, but no tapes have surfaced. So if they exist, they have been sequestered away from the public’s view.

Here, Jamie Dlux traces the few details emerging about the tapes and links them to a producer from 60 Minutes. Yes, there’s also a “doggy in red” involved, although that’s more of a joke than a clue about the contents. Watch and you will learn some tantalizing asides, but you still won’t know: A. What exactly do the tapes show? and B. What has happened to them?

Epstein Island Under Watch

This is video sent to me by Pirates of the Caribbean who went by Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island and have had it under watch. The Pirates are not allowed on land. However, they are able to get very close on the water. More from Titus Frost.

WHOA! Maxwell ADMITTED They’re On Tape! In this video, we cover a huge new development in the Ghislaine Maxwell saga as it connects to two past presidents. We also cover major weather and financial news. More from We Are Change with a nifty introduction from AwakenWithJP.

2020: What A Wild, Crazy Year!

Antifa! Black eyes! Epstein Island! Reptilian monsters! Remember Pizzagate! McAllister TV takes a stroll down memory lane and presents us the year that was — 2020. Now, we’re embarking on 2021 — the year when bullshit will no longer fly!



Bill Clinton’s Cozy Epstein Ties

Doug Band, former aide to President Bill Clinton, dishes on Clinton’s close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in a new article for Vanity Fair. Band confirmed Clinton had visited Epstein’s pedo island in the Caribbean, Little St. James Island, and just “couldn’t stay away” from Epstein. More from We Are Change, also discussing some truly peculiar comments by Joe Biden as well as bizarre coronavirus developments.

More Epstein Island Horrors

Newly exposed court testimony reveals the secret beneath Little St. James Island in the Caribbean. Namely, Jeffrey Epstein had built a $250 million underground complex to hold captive, abducted and illegally trafficked children. These unfortunate kids were subjected to sexual abuse and physical beatings, up to and including death.

Drawing from a Twitter thread by 3Days3Nights, McAllister TV gives us a sense of the grid used for the Little St. James tunnel system. You will learn how the island’s underground temples flanked the tunnel network. Meanwhile, the above-ground temple we see so often served as one of the air shafts for the subterranean complex. Also, you’ll begin to understand how the Sundial on the island’s surface designated the “feast days” and key ritual times celebrated at Epstein’s resort. More from McAllister TV.

Democrats Eye Impeachment

The radical Democrats are threatening another round of impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump if he proceeds with the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice. Why are the Democrats acting so brash and crazy?

Simple. They already lack a majority on the court, with the Republicans holding a 5-4 edge. But some Republicans, notably Chief Justice John Roberts, will occasionally side with the Democrats, so the 5-4 edge doesn’t strictly hold. But a 6-3 advantage will hold, and will mean the Republicans can deter any Democratic uprisings.

President Trump is pressing ahead, saying, “I’m the wall between the American dream and chaos.” More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped. They believed they had the upper hand but that was never true. They are preparing to introduce a new candidate in October, but this will not matter. The patriots have already begun to take precautions for the riots and chaos that will occur during and after the elections. A Fed judge wants the the full names of all people who have been transported to Epstein’s island. Crimes against humanity are now on deck. B2 bomber incoming. More from the X22 Report.

Jordan Sather says he’s not going to wear a mask for Halloween this year. He’s going to go as a normal person, without a mask on, because that will scare the hell out of a lot of people. In this edition of Destroying the Illusion, Jordan discusses the volley of barbs surrounding the Supreme Court nominating process. Also, new Epstein flight logs are coming! And Fox News is silencing more guests. Why the censorship?

The Democrats are being triggered bigly! They realize with the amazing Scotus pick, the Republicans will control the U.S. Supreme Court completely, most likely for a generation, but certainly for a number of years. This is a most important chess move by President Donald Trump. More from And We Know.

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Ghislaine To Rattle Hollywood

We’ve just scratched the surface of Hollywood’s connection to the Epstein sex-trafficking scandal and Ghislaine Maxwell holds all the cards. Something’s definitely amiss in Tinseltown and filmmaker Sean Stone tells Rick Sanchez of the RT America Network that it’s about to explode.

Stone says the question is, can Hollywood really survive indicted Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now sitting in a Brooklyn jail? “There’s a lot more that’s going to come out here with this Ghislaine trial, because remember who all has been on Epstein Island and on the private jets. It’s been more than Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey and the Clintons. I think you’re going to see other icons involved.”

Stone added that he’s 100 percent positive that the investigation already has sufficient evidence to move forward on Hollywood, even if Maxwell doesn’t spill the beans. Stone talks more Epstein scandal and discusses the COVID-19 pandemic’s continuing impact on the film industry on RT America.

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