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Leftists: There’s Hell To Pay!

Trump supporters storm New York City as red states stand poised to crush Democrats. Former President Donald Trump arraigned by the power-mad leftist goons but did not get shackled or thrown into the clink! Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Trump’s lawyers react to the indictments, essentially dismissing them as nothing burgers. It appears the Manhattan District Attorney has resurrected flimsy charges merely to try to dictate the course of the 2024 election.

This explains why the office is seeking to schedule the Trump trial for January 2024 — a week or two before the first 2024 primaries! In other words, Alvin Bragg is pushing rank banana republic politics. Here, Trump attorneys Joe Tacopina and Todd Blanche react.

The arraignment has focused new attention on Jamila Ponton Bragg, the wife of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who made a career out of calling for President Donald Trump’s arrest on Twitter. On Feb. 23, she changed her Twitter account from open to blocked, preventing others from gaining access to her Tweets.

Many have charged that Jamila Ponton Bragg leaked confidential information from the District Attorney’s office to leftist reporters. Here’s a picture of Jamila. We’re likely going to hear more about her moving forward.

And speaking of family politics, it turns out that the daughter of the Trump Judge Juan Merchan has worked for both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. She is Loren Merchan, and she specializes in digital marketing. Says U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, “You can’t even make up how corrupt this WITCH HUNT is!”

Former President Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd Tuesday night at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, and lashed into Alvin Braggs’ heavily concocted case. Trump also had a few choice words about Bragg’s wife Jamila and the Judge’s daughter Loren Merchan. Real low-life crooks, but look for all these thugs to continue to flock together.

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