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Virus Fanatics

Dr. Sam Bailey says we are being assailed by a worldwide fraud of such scale and malevolence that it threatens our very existence, as we know it, on Planet Earth.

Sourcing The Covid-19 Fraud & War On Humanity, by her husband, Dr. Mark Bailey, and Dr. John Bevan Smith, Bailey says the fraud concerns a purported virus not found by virology. She says it allowed Bill Gates to predict a once-in-a-century pandemic, requiring billions of vaccines to combat the alleged virus. “Even to those in the medical industry and viral paradigm, coronaviruses were mainly germs of little consequence, thought to be associated with the common cold,” she says.

In the following video, courtesy of Sixth Sense, Bailey details how we’ve been overwhelmed by virus mania, a carryover from the 20th century, led by the corrupt World Health Organization. Here’s her report.

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