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Swamp Rats Going Loco!

Huge day for the news, as Jordan Sather dives into a host of topics: cryptocurrencies, election audits, Chinese bats, vax complications, UFOs, Trump declarations and Swamp Rats across Washington DC losing their shorts. These denizens of the Deep are getting nervous in the service. Soon, we’ll be wiping them off the floor!

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals, he collaborates with Jim Sinclair. Bill begins the conversation talking about how inflation is not transitory and that the economy is going to get worse as time goes on. Gold will begin to move up and the great reset that the [CB] tried to push has failed. The destruction of the [CB] has already begun. Prepare for a [False Flag] to try to cover up it all. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.


Author Predicted Virus In ’81

Truth Seeker’s Zachary Hubbard takes a deep dive into a 2020 Fox News article that revealed mystery author Dean Koontz predicted the coronavirus in a 1981 novel. Koontz’s novel, The Eyes of Darkness, is eerily centered around a virus outbreak that begins in Wuhan, China, and is used as a bio-weapon during wartime. The virus is referred to as the perfect weapon, since it only affects humans.

Says Hubbard, “The coincidence between the book’s virus and the actual coronavirus outbreak is uncanny.” He speculates that it’s not serendipity but more likely another example of predictive programming that was put in fiction before it happened in real life, a process employed by the sinister Cabal throughout history. Hubbard takes a closer look at the novel and employs his gematria expertise to uncover other coincidences, such as Kobe Bryant’s death being predicted in a Comedy Central cartoon and the amazing and prophetic events surrounding the Titanic disaster.

Did The Mask Just Slip?

Canada’s totalitarian regime is having trouble keeping up appearances. But does that matter in a ‘Globalized’ world? More from Amazing Polly.

Dr. Fauci’s Emails

I’m sorry Doctor Fauci… this just isn’t working for us anymore…More from FreedomToons, with Fauci vocals supplied by Tim Pool.


They Are The Walking Dead

THE IS A SGT SPECIAL REPORT. Those who have accepted the offer to take the experimental biological stab are now among the walking dead. They just don’t know it yet.

They’re Turning The Screw

How has coronavirus provided an opportunity for globalists to push universal basic income? Of course, you won’t receive any cash unless you completely abide by the government’s wishes. And that means shutting up and giving any pretense of freedom. More from Computing Forever.

The Two Faces of Fauxci

Fauci had a bit of a week. More from RazorFist.

Bat Soup

The Grand Scam of “Emerging Diseases” and its relationship to the Lab Leak story, Gain of Function on viruses.More from Amazing Polly.

Dr. Fauci’s sins have been exposed. What do we do to stop the next propaganda monster from controlling our lives and our freedom? Let’s take a look at the lies, the hiding, and the fear that got us into this mess and how to stop it next time. More from Lori Colley.


The Sting Will Bring [DS] Down

The [Deep State] is now being exposed to the people a little at a time. It had be done slowly in a way that people would accept it. Now the people are learning that they were lied to about the pandemic. The [Deep State] players are on the defensive and the patriots are hunting them down and exposing them.

The election was a set-up for the [Deep State]. It was a sting operation. Trump knew they were going to steal it and he allowed it to happen. Why? They wanted to capture the data in real-time. The evidence that was captured cannot be created or modified later on. It had to be done at the exact moment it was happening. When Trump said we caught them all, the election was rigged. He has the evidence.

Optics are very important, so the forensic audits must show the cheating. Mike Lindell will show the cheating from foreign actors. More from the X22 Report.

Why are members of the mainstream media starting to tell some truth about what happened in Wuhan? Are facts coming out that will prevent any more of their lies? Or is the media suddenly afraid because it’s becoming clear most of the public no longer believes or trust them? More from JustInformed Talk.

If One Falls, They All Fall

The [Deep State] is in trouble. Everything they have done or are trying to do is being exposed. Emails were released that show Fauci knew that covid was engineered and funded. That the spread of the virus was not asymptomatic, that there were drugs that would cure it and he explained in his emails that masks do not work. There was no reason for the lockdowns. The [Deep State] is panicking. They don’t know Trump’s next move. The states are leading the charge and the audits will reveal the truth. More from the X22 Report.

Dr. Fauci’s emails have been released, showing he knew the virus was likely bio-engineered, that it escaped from Wuhan, he approved of the deadly gain-of-function research and HE HID HIS TIES to all of it and LIED to Congress. More from Lori Colley.

Thank God for the Arizona Legislature! Due to the coming success of the Maricopa Forensic Audit, the State Legislature of Pennsylvania has sent a delegation to observe the process with the hopes of implementing it there! More from RedPill78.

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