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Was Dr. Buttar Murdered?

The passing of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a pioneering medical practitioner,  has sent shockwaves through the profession, raising serious questions about the cause of  his sudden death.

Natural News Mike Adams suggests that Buttar, 57, who died last Thursday, appears to have been a victim a Deep State bioweapon.  Adams reports that Buttar, who was maliciously defamed by the Big Pharma-controlled establishment media, was among a panel of respected frontline physicians scheduled to attend the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference in St. Louis later this month. It’s been reported that among the items on their agenda was the reveal of a cure for spike protein shedding.

“Dr. Buttar was about to roll this out and I think this could have been the breakthrough conference that could have gone even more mainstream than anything else,” Adams said. “It could have reached the mindshare of hundreds of millions of people, which would have really interfered with the globalist plan to achieve near-total human extermination.” Here’s more with Adams.

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