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CIA Behind The Covid Pandemic

Joining me today Destiny Rezendez, here to discuss yet another of her very revealing and insightful threads. Destiny discovered a very important document from 2019 (that I had not seen prior to her work) in which In-Q-Tel, the venture capital firm of the CIA, outlined near exactly what later took place during the COVID-19 illusion of 2020.

This has potentially major implications for the origin of this COVID illusion, the execution of the manipulation to this very day, as well as possible accountability for these crimes. Here’s more from The Last American Vagabond.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea, attorney David Meiswinkle and Dr. Joseph Sansone join me to discuss the war on humanity and their exhaustive efforts to ban the jabs in in all 50 states. “Jabs’ is the colloquial term used to describe the Covid-19 bioweapon injections which are masquerading as “vaccines” and which are killing and maiming people all over the world.

Join the National American Renaissance Movement to help take our nation back. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

Was Dr. Buttar Murdered?

The passing of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a pioneering medical practitioner,  has sent shockwaves through the profession, raising serious questions about the cause of  his sudden death.

Natural News Mike Adams suggests that Buttar, 57, who died last Thursday, appears to have been a victim a Deep State bioweapon.  Adams reports that Buttar, who was maliciously defamed by the Big Pharma-controlled establishment media, was among a panel of respected frontline physicians scheduled to attend the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference in St. Louis later this month. It’s been reported that among the items on their agenda was the reveal of a cure for spike protein shedding.

“Dr. Buttar was about to roll this out and I think this could have been the breakthrough conference that could have gone even more mainstream than anything else,” Adams said. “It could have reached the mindshare of hundreds of millions of people, which would have really interfered with the globalist plan to achieve near-total human extermination.” Here’s more with Adams.

Juan O. Savin: Trump 777

Juan O. Savin joins the Psych Club and host Tom Sidney Bushnell, aka Tom Numbers, to discuss the numerology behind Donald J. Trump.

Savin says Trump’s first day in office was his 70th year, 7th month, 7th day alive on Planet Earth. “777 is his brand. It’s a theme that we see repeating itself over and over, when you look at his numbers,” Savin says.

He explains the significance of the brand and delves into a variety of topics, including the U.S. connection to 54 biolabs in Ukraine, where they conducted local bioweapon experiments on the Slavic people. He also discusses human and animal cloning,  global warming and the Trump arrest, plus more.

Wuhan Lab Leak Confirmed?

The Wall Street Journal obtains a classified report from the U.S. Department of Energy purporting to confirm the covid lab leak origin theory, albeit with low confidence. We rewind to review the “origin” of the conspiracy theory language used to smear people questioning the official narratives.

Admiral John Kirby answers questions, refusing to confirm the story and explaining the U.S. position with regard to China.

Karine Jean-Pierre discusses releasing the report and we look back on statements from Jen Psaki, Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers,

Why is the Department of Energy the one confirming the lab leak in Wuhan? More from RedPill78.

A Fate That Pfizer Deserves

Dave from X22 Report returns to SGT Report to discuss the comeuppance that’s in store for Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, and everyone else involved with this vax bioweapon attack against humanity. The dam is breaking and justice will be served.

We also talk about Biden’s treason, Rothschild Luciferian doctrine, Satanism at the Grammy’s, HAARP induced earthquakes and much more.

Track The Bioweapons Cover-Up

The [Deep State] is in the process of covering up all their crimes. They have put a block on certain information that they don’t want released. Trump is now battling against the RINOs.

The [Deep State] is in trouble. The more they cover up their crimes, the worse it’s going to get for them. The patriots are exposing it all and the people are seeing it all one drip at a time.More from the X22 Report.

Gaslighting The Masses

Here is the conclusion of my interview with investigative journalist Lara Logan. In the first half, we discuss 60 Minutes, fake news and gaslighting the masses. In the second half we discuss Brunson v Adams, the bioweapon jab and Ukraine, a hub for child sex trafficking. Thanks for tuning in. More from SGTReport.

U.S. Senate Passes TikTok Ban

Senators Josh Hawley and Marco Rubio celebrate the Senate passing a bill to ban TikTok in the government. The White House refuses to comment, and Pelosi says she’ll check with the White House.

#TikTok #Ban #WhiteHouse

Indiana SUES “Malicious” TikTok for corrupting American Children. Kristi Noem bans the app and limits foreign purchases of farmland. Texas’ Greg Abbott urges more legislation.

#BanTikTok #Indiana #Texas

The House Intelligence Committee release an UNCLASSIFIED report on the origin of the pandemic, saying there may be connections to the Chinese Bioweapons program. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Are Zelensky, Soros Cousins?

Ryushin Malone of joins this edition of McAllister TV. He focuses on satanic Ukraine and asks if Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky and George Soros are cousins? He doesn’t address the growing rumor that Soros has died.

Also discussed: Reptilian food harvesting! Bio Labs destroyed! Reptilian history! Orion star system! Gray aliens! Marina Abramovic! Area 51! The Cult of the Black Sun! UFOs in California!

An End To The Endless

Latest Q posts! Welcome to the clone show! Who will put an end to the endless? Bluewater Intel! Trump wedding! Who’s invited? Who’s really invited? Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Living with dumbtards! Welcome to Babylon! More from McAllister TV.

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