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Supremes, DOJ Compromised?

Kerry Cassidy takes dead aim at the Department of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court over their shenanigans revolving around the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election and recent wave of false flags.

Cassidy tells Free Range host Gail of Gaia that SCOTUS has denied more than 50 cases regarding the 2020 election, including the notorious Brunson vs. Adams lawsuit. She says more times than not, the Supremes’ judgement that the cases lack standing sends chills up her spine. “In reality, every single American should have standing because we all voted and that gives us automatic standing,” she says. “This kind of technicality, which allowed them to throw out all the cases, is an indicator to me that they’re on the side of the Cabal, which runs our government.”

Cassidy says the same is true of the DOJ. She says President Trump has been saying for months that Space Force has all the evidence of election theft, but getting through to the courts and the roadblocks of the DOJ is another matter. She explains further and discusses her thoughts on the whirlwind of false flags that have hit our nation, which she says has us on a precarious path to World War III.

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